Spring 2019 HC 223H: Reading Spaces

Spring Term, 2018-2019

Professor: Kimberley Parzuchowski

4.00 credits

  • CRN 32516: Monday & Wednesday, 10:00 - 11:20 @ CHA 301

The world of research is engaging when you pursue your passions.  Research methods are a means toward empowering your potential to learn what interests you and make your voice heard so that you can influence the changes you want to see in the world.  In this course, we will begin our research by watching the film Hunger Games and reading scholarly criticism on the film/novel so as to produce and present a poster project for the class.  The prep work for the poster project will provide student researchers with tools and experience to work on the project of their own choosing for the final essay.  The course materials and professor will be a guide through the self-directed work of selecting a project, gathering research materials, writing an annotated bibliography and outline, and composing the final research essay.  In this course, students begin the process of becoming professionals in research and writing, enabling them to impact public discourse and policy.


They Say, I Say. Graff

The Craft of Research. Booth