Summer 2019 Course Descriptions

Summer 2019 HC 441H: Microbes and Social Equity

Professor: Dr. Sue Ishaq Pellegrini

4.00 credits

•  CRN 42598: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (6/24 - 7/21), 10:00 - 11:20 @ 201 CHA

This colloquium course introduces students to current knowledge on selected host-associated or human-associated microbiomes, and uses that base knowledge to discuss their relevance to human health in the context of social equity. Example topics include the effect of diet on the microbial community in the gut and the importance of nutrient composition of free school lunches; maternal stress and the effect on offspring physiology, immune development, and host-microbial interactions; microbial communities in air, air quality, and income-based housing; building quality, indoor microbiology, and enforced occupancy (ex. prisons or public schools); and more. Guest lectures from relevant experts will be included as possible. Read more