CHC Thesis Writing Circles

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Program Description

The CHC is organizing Writing Circles in winter and spring 2023 to support students as they work on their theses. Writing Circles are groups of students who come together at a dedicated time to share their weekly progress and write together as a community. Writing Circles do not critique or peer review fellow participants. Instead, they provide writers with the structure of a scheduled time to write and offer supportive accountability from peers to help you develop your writing practice.

The structure of a Writing Circle is a weekly two-hour session that involves: (a) 15 minutes of group discussion about writing goals and strategies; (b) ~1.5 hours of dedicated writing time; and (c) a 15-minute debriefing. Students who commit to a Writing Circle are expected to attend each session throughout the quarter. Sessions will take place in Winter and Spring terms. Writing Circles are facilitated, run, and attended by CHC students. Students who wish to join Writing Circles may sign up for Winter sessions during Weeks 8, 9, 10 and Finals Week of Fall term, Winter break, and (if space remains available) during Week 1 of Winter term. They may sign up from the end of Winter term through Week 1 of Spring term for Spring sessions.

Writing Circle Times for Winter 2023

  • Tuesday 2:00-3:50
  • Wednesday 10:00-11:50
  • Wednesday 2:00-3:50
  • Thursday 12:00-1:50
  • Friday 10:00-11:50



CHC Thesis Writing Circle FAQ

How will I be assigned to a Writing Circle? Can I sign up with a friend?

Students will be assigned to Writing Circles on a based on the time preferences they indicate. If you don’t know anyone in your Writing Circle, don’t worry. Sometimes the most effective Writing Circles are those that start as a group of strangers or acquaintances. 

How many people are in a Writing Circle?

A Writing Circle may have as few as three or as many as 15 participants. The number of students in your Writing Circle will depend on student interest and student schedules.

What happens if I miss my Writing Circle meeting? Should I sign up if I can’t attend every week?

Writing Circles hold each other accountable through a mutual expectation that each member will dedicate the scheduled time to their writing and become a source of support through the regular interaction of the group. While this is not a mandatory activity, Writing Circles work best when all participants attend regularly. There will also be an opportunity to join a Writing Circle at the beginning of Spring term.

Can I join a Writing Circle late?

You may join (attend the first meeting of) a Writing Circle through Week 2 of Winter term. If you wish to join a Writing Circle after Week 2 of Winter term, you will need to wait until Spring term. You may join a Writing Circle during the first two weeks of Spring term.

Will I be expected to read and comment on the work of other students in the Writing Circle?

No. Writing Circles are not peer review communities. Instead, they offer a supportive space to encourage and promote writing. While you may choose to share a piece of writing with a fellow student you meet through your Writing Circle for feedback, those interactions should be separate from Writing Circle meetings.

What happens if I can’t meet at the same time Spring term?

Many students’ schedules change at the end of each term.  If you are unable to continue with your current Writing Circle, you will have the option of joining a new Writing Circle.

I have concerns regarding my Writing Circle/my Writing Circle is not meeting/I haven’t heard from my facilitator. Who should I reach out to?

For questions about Writing Circles, please contact Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Daphne Gallagher (