Spring 2018 - American Cultures colloquia

Spring 2018 HC 444H/431H: The Long Decade: The 1960s, from Elvis to The Last Waltz

Professor: Stephen Rabe

4 credits

•  CRN 32563: Tuesday, 14:00 - 16:50 @ GSH 130

This multidisciplinary course defines "the 1960s" as the period from the mid-1950s (Elvis, the Montgomery Bus Boycott) to the mid-1970s (the fall of Richard Nixon, The Band's "Last Waltz" Concert). This is a period of intense political, social, and cultural change in US society. As such, we will be examining the various movements: civil rights, youth, countercultural, feminist, and anti-war. Read more

Spring 2018 HC 444H/441H: Science Education in Remote Locations

Professor: Kenneth Doxsee

4 credits

•  CRN 36285: Monday & Wednesday, 08:30 - 09:50 @ CHA 201

Teaching science without experimentation is like trying to teach weight-lifting without actually lifting weights. Unfortunately, financial limitations can limit access to experimental science in even the wealthiest of communities. In this colloquium, we will carry out the initial stages of planning for the development of experimental science education content, designed for introduction to schools in targeted remote and/or rural locations. Read more