Winter 2023 CHC Course Openings

CHC Students:  The following courses in the Honors College have spots available at this time (November 15, 2022):


HC 221H Latine/x Autoethnography

Prof. Catalina de Onís

This course focuses on communicating the self and society, often referred to as autoethnography. Centering Latine/x individuals and other People of Color, class members will examine spoken word poetry, songs, self-reflexive essays, and other expressive forms to communicate their own lived experiences and why they matter for public discourse and storytelling. Read the course description!

This course also fulfills a requirement for the Latinx Studies minor!


HC 241H Science of Climate Change

Prof. Jeffrey Cina

This course will delve into the science of human-caused climate change due to the widespread combustion of fossil fuels for energy, heating, and transportation and consider the evidence for and current expert assessment of the present-day and future consequences of Earth's changing climate, as well as the prospects for mitigation of and adaptation to these effects. Read the course description!



We encourage you to consider signing up for these courses as they offer students the chance to explore interests in other academic areas. Please consult with your advisor if you have any questions.