Course: You Can Build an App for That

HC 207H

Professor: Stephen Fickas

Note: There will be 15 Android phones available on loan for the first 15 students who register (for both CRNs). iPhone/iPad will not work for the purpose of this course. Registered students are to go to the Science Library to check out an Android device as a loanable resource. To ensure this process is fair, enrollment will be capped at 15, and a Wait List of 10 will be activated for students who have an Android phone OR Android tablet. The Academic & Thesis Programs Manager will confirm with each student on the Wait List that he/she has the appropriate device before raising the enrollment cap.

This course will cover computational thinking via an exploration of mobile applications with significant impact. We will be using an exciting new tool for app building that requires no prior programming experience. Each student will build a set of apps linked to their research projects within the Clark Honors College. The class will use a "flipped" style that provides major content/lecture components through a set of online material that students are expected to master outside of class time. This allows class time to be devoted to working on examples and problems.

Class workload includes viewing content material outside of class, participating in examples and discussions in class, and completing individual and team-oriented assignments in the lab. It is expected that these labs will change based on new research projects emerging from student interest. The goal is to give students the opportunity to work on problems that have an impact on their own research.