Jane Morgan: Keeping that competitive drive alive

Jane Morgan ready for volleyball.

Age: 19
Year at CHC: Sophomore
Major: Math
Hometown: Portland

Jane Morgan loves the thrill of playing volleyball. Ever since she was young, she has been competitive. Watching her older cousins play the game inspired her to give it a try. She plays for the University of Oregon’s club team because it gives her a break from the distractions of her daily life.

The history: “I started playing volleyball in sixth grade. My mom and her sisters always played at family events, and it looked exhilarating. I decided I wanted to join a team, so my parents signed me up. I enjoyed being on a team with a positive atmosphere and a ton of cool girls. During my freshman year at The University of Oregon, I found out there is a club team and I really wanted to continue playing volleyball, so I tried out and here we are today.”

Favorite moment: “We just won the PIVA league championship for the second year in a row. I think it shows how competitive our team is. After winning the first set, we lost the second set and the third set it was 12 to 12 and we persevered, winning our second championship. It felt great to have our whole team come together and not give up.”

How it helps with school: “It gives me more structure and I’m able to work out and play with friends. It boosts my mental health, allowing me to put more time into school. The days I have practice, I know I need to double down and do homework.”

- Story and photo by Alex Rodriguez, Clark Honors College Communications