Margo Ladis: DJing makes music, memories come alive

Age: 20
Year at CHC: Sophomore
Major: Psychology and Global Studies
Hometown: Denver

Every Sunday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. during the school year, Margo Ladis — aka DJ OhEmQ — shares her music at campus radio station KWVA. She’s had the job since the start of winter term. She got the gig after a friend told her that the station had openings. In her first show, she worried about remembering how to use the equipment properly, but the show went off without a hitch. Now she’s a mainstay in the station’s lineup.

The history: “Growing up, the radio was always on and my dad would take me to bluegrass festivals. I’d play a lot of songs for my parents. COVID-19 made me dig deeper into music than ever. I bought a record player, and my mom and grandmother gifted me their old records. At U of O, I found classes like ‘Music and Politics’ and ‘Jazz History’ that encouraged my passion. This job makes me feel like all my musical knowledge is worth it.”

Best moment as a DJ: “My grandparents always listen in. I played a song by Isaac Hayes and my grandpa really liked it...he mailed me a CD of his favorite songs and he wants me to play it on the air. No matter how far away my family is, there’s always that connection. It made me want to talk to my parents and grandparents and hear what they listen to and recommend. I shout my family out during every show.”

How does it help with school: “DJing is a break from school...something that’s not a club or a sport, just an activity to do. I really like that it’s just me doing it. I feel like in college you don’t have a personalized thing outside of classes and work ever, so it’s a really unique experience.”

- Story and photo by Ilka Sankari, Clark Honors College Communications

Margo Ladis sits behind DJ equipment.