What can students expect from their CHIP?

  1. Exploration. Each CHIP introduces students to a shared area of intellectual interest.
  2. Community. CHIPs connect incoming students with fellow CHC freshmen and an advanced upperclassman mentor (i.e. CHIP Leader). Each CHIP also has a faculty advisor who supports the CHIP Leader and serves as the four-year CHC academic advisor to the CHIP's students.
  3. Field trips. During fall term, each CHIP goes on a field trip and has a dinner with the CHIP’s faculty advisor. CHIP field trips may feature anything from visiting Powell’s Books in Portland, to attending theatrical productions in Eugene, to touring a hospital, to foraging in local forests.
  4. Reading. Some CHIP Leaders ask that their students acquire and read a particular text over the summer. Students can look forward to an introductory email from thier CHIP Leader by August 15 outlining any reading requirements or other expectations for the CHIP prior to NSO
  5. Engagement. During fall term, each CHIP holds class regularly for one hour, once per week, and many CHIPs offer enrichment opportunities outside of class.  

After formal CHIP class meetings conclude at the end of fall term, social and academic events open to CHIP students continue to take place throughout the year.

Are CHIPs required?

Taking a CHIP is required of incoming CHC freshmen; transfer and visiting students may also choose to take a CHIP.

Can Clark Honors College students enroll in a CHIP and a FIG?

Yes, however, the only FIGs that CHC students are advised to consider enrolling in are the Honors Science and Global Oregon FIGs. Note the Honors Science and Global Oregon FIGs will not be housed in the Global Scholars Residence Hall. Selecting the Honors Science and Global Oregon FIGs will supersede your housing selection.

Other FIGs fulfill general education requirements which do not apply to CHC students. For more details, contact First Year Programs. If a student does decide to enroll in a FIG, he or she must also take a CHIP.

What is a Residential CHIP?

Residential CHIPs expand the CHIP experience by extending the CHC community beyond the classroom and into the Global Scholars Hall, where students enrolled in any of our four Residential CHIPs live together as part of a close-knit, interest-based learning community.

To participate in a Residential CHIP in the Global Scholars Hall, interested students should register for a designated group during one of the Clark Honors College IntroDUCKtion sessions in July, 2014. Note updating their University Housing application to live in the Global Scholars Residence Hall is also required.

Who teaches a CHIP?

CHIP Leaders (select CHC upperclassmen), mentored by their CHIP faculty advisor, develop their own unique CHIP courses and syllabi. CHIP leaders are deeply involved with their CHIP class sessions throughout fall term. Each CHIP's faculty advisor supports the CHIP Leader, mentoring him/her in the craft of teaching discussion-based classes, and serves as the four-year CHC academic advisor to the CHIP’s freshmen.