Meet our CHC Core Faculty

a female faculty member smiling in the center of a ring of students sitting at desks in a light-filled classroom

Clark Honors College Core Faculty

Lindsay Hinkle in a pink sweater standing under U of O campus oaks turning red in early autumn.

“The biggest thing for me is that my students are still people.

Yes, you are a student in my class but there’s so much about you that I don't know. I want to get to know you so I can help support you in your journey as a college student.” 

—Lindsay Hinkle, Instuctor of Chemistry

Members of the Clark Honors College Core Faculty

Rebecca Altman headshot
Rebecca Altman
UO Excellence in teaching of chemistry award
Instructor of Natural Sciences

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 241 Atoms: Mother Nature’s LEGOS; HC 241 Music to Your Ears: The Science of Song; HC 277 Thesis Orientation; HC 301 Beneath the Surface Science; HC 441 The Art of Data Manipulation
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “Bloom” by The Paper Kites
Guilty Pleasure: Leaving boxes on the floor in case my cats want to hide in them. 
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Coffee or Tea: Tea! (Peppermint is a favorite)
Why I teach at the CHC: I appreciate the diversity of knowledge that students bring into the classroom. Some of the best learning moments come from considering others’ unique perspectives.  
If you take my class, you will: Have the opportunity to (1) Explore science from a “real life” tangible perspective, and (2) Take ownership of your research and learning.
I’m a stickler for: Respecting each other. In my classroom, everyone has space to be heard. I expect our class to uphold this welcoming and supportive environment. 

Rebecca Altman Profile

Yalda Asmatey headshot
Yalda Asmatey

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 100 Making Space for Our Stories: Immigrant and Refugee Experiences of Coming to America; HC 231 Islam and Muslims in the West; HC 277 Thesis Orientation
Hometown: Union City, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “Zindagee Cheest” by Ahmad Zahir
Guilty Pleasure: Almond Dark Chocolate
Favorite Movie: The Color Purple 
Coffee or Tea: Chai please 
Why I teach at the CHC: I appreciate being in community with students from all walks of life, who come to class with curiosity and a willingness to respectfully listen and engage with one another. I’ve appreciated every conversation, every paper, and every presentation. I cherish my time with my students. I also value the scholars I get to call my colleagues who care about their students, about teaching, and about each other. How lucky I am.
If you take my class, you will: Walk away with a better sense of who you are and a better sense of how you might plant seeds for positive change.
I’m a stickler for: Classroom participation and community activism! I value nurturing spaces for students to be seen and heard inside and outside of the classroom. I want students to connect our classroom to the larger world around them. So you will always hear me say “so what?” “What do you think?” “How might we translate X, Y, and Z into practice in the communities around us?” 

Yalda Asmatey Profile

Dare Baldwin headshot
Dare Baldwin
CURE faculty research mentor award; guggenheim fellowship

Department: Psychology
CHC classes: HC 441 Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing “Public Science”
Hometown: Redwood City, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “Gabriel’s Oboe” by Ennio Morricone
Guilty Pleasure: Surrounding myself with pets. 
Favorite Movie: Arrival
Coffee or Tea: Yes, please.
Why I teach at the CHC: The students! The faculty! The staff! 
If you take my class, you will: Engage with your fellow students in a collaborative process of learning to shape ideas and knowledge into written pieces that sing to others with clarity and force.
I’m a stickler for: Focusing on connection first. 

Dare Baldwin Profile

Corinne Bayerl headshot
Corinne Bayerl
American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship 2023-24; CHC Innovative Teaching Award 2022
Senior Career Instructor of Comparative Literature
Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 101 Codes and Ciphers; HC 221 Satire; HC 434 African American Writers in Paris
Hometown: Munich, Germany and Île de Groix, France
Song on Repeat:“Karantez vro” by Yann-Fañch Kemener
Guilty Pleasure:  Buying lottery tickets
Favorite Movie: Maborosi
Coffee or Tea: Both
Why I teach at the CHC: It’s a pleasure!
If you take my class, you will: Participate in a lot of small-group discussions; have the option to do a creative final project.
I’m a stickler for: Remember diacritic signs in foreign language words!

Corinne Bayerl Profile

outdoor portrait of ulrick casimir
Ulrick Casimir
Randall Jarell Fellowship
Senior Instructor I of English, Digital Humanities

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 221 Narratives of Retribution/Revenge; HC 301 Written and Cinematic Noir; HC 421 Narrative Technique
Hometown: Charlotteamalie, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; and Fayetteville, N.C.
Song on Repeat: I’m all about whole albums. Jorge Ben's 1976 masterpiece África Brasil has been a near-weekly go-to for me. I’ve recently fallen pretty hard for the work of Tess Parks, especially her work with Anton Newcombe. If I had to pick a single song, it would probably be Cherrelle's classic “I Didn't Mean to Turn You On.”
Guilty Pleasure: For years, my answer to this question would've been the music of Kate Bush. But thanks to Stranger Things everybody loves her now, and now I can be guilty no longer.
Favorite Movie: Toss-up between Jacques Tourneur masterpiece Out of the Past and Spike Lee's Malcolm X. Honorable mentions?  Brian De Palma's Carlito’s Way and John Carpenter's The Thing.
Coffee or Tea: Coffee, and lots of it.
Why I teach at the CHC: The students—I have absolutely loved working with CHC students. The support that CHC faculty gets from administration and staff is a huge plus for me, too. 
If you take my class, you will: Work hard, learn a ton, and have a great time doing so. ​​​​​
I’m a stickler for: Intellectual curiosity. This might sound simplistic, but intellectual curiosity is how we learn one thing by first learning another. It's the gas that makes the car go. With intellectual curiosity, a scholar can go anywhere. Without it, though, that car's basically just a hunk of metal.

Ulrick Casimir Profile

Anita Chair headshot
Anita Chari
Williams Teaching Award; Solomon Guiteau teaching fellowship; Ersted Teaching Award
Associate Professor

Department: Political Science
CHC classes: Music and Politics; Autobiography as Political Agency; Thesis Prospectus; Body Politic and the Art of Perception
Hometown: Chicago
Song on Repeat: “Alone Again Or” by Love
Guilty Pleasure: Aperitivo hour 
Favorite Movie: Mulholland Drive
Coffee or Tea: Right now, a Café Salentino to be exact
Why I teach at the CHC: CHC students have the best taste in music. 
If you take my class, you will: Build community with your classmates and learn a lot about yourself, both personally and intellectually.
I’m a stickler for: Depth and authenticity.

Anita Chari Profile

Nicole Dahmen headshot
Nicole Dahmen
2021 scripps howard journalism professor of the year; tiger athletic foundation undergraduate teaching award; sojc agora journalism center faculty fellowship

Department: Journalism
CHC classes: HC 101 Media Unfiltered; HC 221 Creative Nonfiction; HC 431 Solutions to Our Wicked Problems
Hometown: Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Song on Repeat: Lady Gaga
Guilty Pleasure: Wordle 
Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music and The Shawshank Redemption
Coffee or Tea: Coffee all day, every day
Why I teach at the CHC: Rich intellectual discussions about the pressing issues of our times.  
If you take my class, you will: Learn to critically evaluate the mass media and hold these powerful institutions accountable.
I’m a stickler for: Enthusiasm, empathy, and gratitude.

Nicole Dahmen Profile

Portrait of Nicole Dudukovic outside
Nicole Dudukovic
Williams Instructional Award
Senior Instructor I, Neuroscience Major Director
Department: Psychology
CHC classes: HC 101 Misinformation; HC 241 The Science of Learning and Memory; HC 277 Thesis Orientation; HC 441 Neuroethics; HC 441 Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing “Neuroscience Journalism”
Hometown: St. Louis
Song on Repeat: My kids’ Suzuki violin and viola tunes
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV
Favorite Movie: Memento
Coffee or Tea: Tea or a decaf latte
Why I teach at the CHC: Students like you!
If you take my class, you will: Engage in meaningful conversations with your peers and be actively involved in learning.
I’m a stickler for: I don’t like to think of myself as a stickler, but dependent clauses that try to pass as sentences in a paper make me cringe.

Nicole Dudukovic Profile

Jesse Fedderson headshot
Jesse Feddersen
Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 101 Syzygy The History and Science of Eclipses; HC 277 Thesis Orientation
Hometown: Bloomington, Indiana
Song on Repeat: “Bosler” by Jaland Crossland and “Dancing on my Own” by Robyn
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream from the tub
Favorite Movie: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and Everything, Everywhere, all at Once
Coffee or Tea: Black coffee in the morning, Earl Grey tea with milk and sugar in the afternoon
Why I teach at the CHC: This is my first year at CHC, but I'm excited for small classes with students bringing diverse academic experiences.
If you take my class, you will: Learn that “space is big.” (Douglas Adams)
I’m a stickler for: Skepticism and clear writing. 

Jesse Feddersen Profile

Portrait of ellen fitzpatrick
Ellen Fitzpatrick
Fulbright Scholar in Turkey; State University of New York Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Teaching

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Global Problems of the 21st Century; Research Methods in Environmental Studies and Sustainability; Environmental Change and Disease; Creating Resilient Communities
Hometown: Simsbury, Conn.
Song on Repeat: so many – from the Gamelan of Indonesia, Mariachi from Mexico, to Sufi from Turkey
Guilty Pleasure: Good wine
Favorite Movie: Everything, Everywhere, All at Once
Coffee or Tea: Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon
Why I teach at the CHC: Interesting and motivated students and innovative colleagues. 
If you take my class, you will: Increase your understanding of the many paths you can take to contribute to positive and sustainable change. 
I’m a stickler for: Being thoughtfully engaged in discussions.

Ellen Fitzpatrick Profile

Daphne Gallagher headshot
Daphne Gallagher
UO Senate Leadership and Service Award for Officers of Administration; Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award
Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies; Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Unearthing Medieval West Africa; Ethnobotany of the Atlantic Exchange; Thesis Prospectus; Thesis Orientation
Hometown: Champaign, Illinois; Tucson and Flagstaff, Arizona; Washington, D.C.; Madison, Wisconsin
Song on Repeat: “Ordinary Angels” by Frente!
Guilty Pleasure: Spending time with my cats
Favorite Movie: The Martian
Coffee or Tea: Both
Why I teach at the CHC: I love learning from my students.
If you take my class, you will: Learn to think about problems from multiple directions.
I’m a stickler for: Communication. We can solve problems if we talk about them.   

Daphne Gallagher Profile

gantt gurley outdoor portrait
Gantt Gurley
Jim Joseph Foundation Award, 2019-22
Associate Professor

Department: German and Scandinavian Studies; Judaic Studies
CHC classes: HC 101 The Garden and the Wall; HC 421 TB or not to Be: Writing, Sickness, and Death; HC 477 Thesis Prospectus
Hometown: Opelousas, Louisiana
Song on Repeat: “Get up” by Caitlyn Canty and “Overland” by I’m with Her
Guilty Pleasure: Silly TV like The 100 or King of the Hill
Favorite Movie: Burn After Reading
Coffee or Tea: Tea. I’ve been off coffee for close to a year now—don’t judge me!
Why I teach at the CHC: IYKYK
If you take my class, you will:  ​​​​​​Learn how to pronounce Lord Byron’s name properly.​​​​​​
I’m a stickler for: Discursive footnotes and luscious bibliography.

Gantt Gurley Profile

outdoor portrait of Tobin Hansen
Tobin Hansen
Outstanding Teaching Award for the School of Language, Culture, and Society at Oregon State University

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: U.S.-Mexico Borderlands; Policing Masculinities; Deportation from the United States; HC Thesis Prospectus
Hometown: Gates, Oregon
Song on Repeat: “The Wings” by Gustavo Santaolalla
Guilty Pleasure: Watching sports documentaries
Favorite Movie: Amores Perros
Coffee or Tea: Coffee. Café de la olla is where it’s at.
Why I teach at the CHC: I love thinking with and supporting students. The CHC offers a rich, intimate space to examine ideas, values, and ways of living. It’s a place to get to know students and provide support that is customized to their particular needs and goals.
If you take my class, you will: Read, listen, think, and engage with classmates around important social and cultural questions and, ultimately, be challenged to think about what it all means for you and people around you.
I’m a stickler for: Trying hard when something’s worth it.

Tobin Hansen Profile

Linsay Hinkle headshot
Lindsay Hinkle
Clark Honors COllege Teaching Innovation Fellowship
Instructor of Chemistry

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 101 Symmetry; HC 241 Pick Your Poison; HC 441 Water A Deep Dive; HC 277 Thesis Orientation
Hometown: A suburb of Dallas, Texas
Song on Repeat: Record albums But Here We Are and In Your Honor by the Foo Fighters
Guilty Pleasure: Walking on crunchy leaves.
Favorite Movie: Hmmm…Can I read the book instead?
Coffee or Tea: Coffee with cream and sugar
Why I teach at the CHC: The students and my colleagues are talented, creative, and inspiring individuals. I learn something new every day and I love that. 
If you take my class, you will: Learn some science, strengthen your skillset, and be supported along the way.
I’m a stickler for: Numbers having units. “The mass of the sample is 48.” 48 what!? Elephants!? Please, don’t forget the units. 

Lindsay Hinkle Profile

Trond Jacobsen headshot
Trond Jacobsen
Senior Instructor of Information Science

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Oral argument and advocacy; Thesis preparation, Social History of Baseball; Library Research
Hometown: Eugene
Song on Repeat: “Fearless” by Pink Floyd
Guilty Pleasure: Video games 
Favorite Movie: The Godfather II
Coffee or Tea: Prefer coffee, but the stomach prefers tea
Why I teach at the CHC: I love to learn, and the best way to learn is to be with other people who love to learn. 
If you take my class, you will: Learn about how people argue, mostly poorly, and how each of us can improve.
I’m a stickler for: Concision.

Trond Jacobsen Profile

robert mauro portrait
Robert Mauro
NASA Turning Goals Into Reality, Gustav Meyers Award for Outstanding Written Work in Human Rights
Associate Professor

Department: Psychology
CHC classes: Making Mistakes and Causing Catastrophes; Law, Science, and Morality; Psychology of Fascism; Data and Death
Hometown: Los Angeles
Song on Repeat: “Standing in the Breach” by Jackson Browne
Guilty Pleasure: I’ll never tell. I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me. 
Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings (OK, so I cheated. There are three.) and Always.
Coffee or Tea: I'm flexible
Why I teach at the CHC: The students (they’re the best), the class sizes, and the flexibility. 
If you take my class, you will: think, talk, write, but most importantly, you’ll learn some important things about people and about yourself together with some concepts and ways of thinking about problems and other issues that you will be able to apply in whatever you do.
I’m a stickler for: Accuracy and logic; saying what you mean and meaning what you say; if you claim something is true, tell me how you know it to be true. 

Robert Mauro Profile

Ian McNeely headshot
Ian McNeely
Harvard Society of Fellows

Department: History
CHC classes: Study Abroad in Berlin; What is Socialism Anyway?; How Universities Work; Europe Today
Hometown: Gainesville, FL
Song on Repeat: Everything by Tokyo Groove Jyoshi.
Guilty Pleasure: Bakeries and wineries
Favorite Movie: This Is Spinal Tap
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Why I teach at the CHC: The students are game for anything I throw at them, which is incredibly stimulating for my creativity and enthusiasm as a professor. 
If you take my class, you will: Have serious fun (i.e., have fun studying serious subjects)
I’m a stickler for: Intellectual honesty.

Ian McNeely Profile

Brian McWhorter headshot
Brian McWhorter

Department: Music
CHC classes: Some of my classes include HC 221 Velocity of Gesture, or Intro to Air Guitar; HC 421 Louis Armstrong: the Sound of a Century; HC 101 Down the Rabbit Hole (with Lisa Munger); and HC 421 Music, Film, and Glass Ceilings
Hometown: I was born and raised in Portland.
Song on Repeat: The music I have on repeat is almost always music that I’m working on. At the moment, I’ve got Stravinsky’s L’Histoire du Soldat on…all the time.
Guilty Pleasure: Nutella…by the spoonful.  
Favorite Movie: Whichever movie I’m watching. I love movies. Even the bad ones. 
Coffee or Tea: It depends. If you told me that I was going to die in the next 30 seconds unless I drank tea, then I’d drink the damn tea.
Why I teach at the CHC: Since coming to the CHC several years ago, my only regret is that I didn’t come here sooner. I’m proud to be part of this fabulous faculty, I’m grateful to work alongside such a supportive staff, and I’m endlessly inspired by the students. 
If you take my class, you will: If you’re like a lot of my students (especially in my Air Guitar class), you might want to drop the class as soon as you read the syllabus (which I won’t send you before class starts, so don’t ask). But if you stick it out, you’ll probably be glad you did. 
I’m a stickler for: My kids would say that I’m a stickler for microwaving my ice cream before I eat it. And if you haven’t tried it, then just keep your wrong opinions to yourself. 

Brian McWhorter Profile

outdoor portrait of christopher michlig
Christopher Michlig
Ersted Award for Innovative Pedagogy; Office of the Provost’s Book Publication Award
Department: Art
CHC classes: Slime and Sliminess; 12,000 Colors; Skiing and Nothingness; Class Picture; Interviews
Hometown: Girdwood, Alaska
Song on Repeat: Soundtrack to Adam Curtis’ 2021 docu-series Can't Get You Out of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World
Guilty Pleasure: Pastries
Favorite Movie: Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One
Coffee or Tea: Coffee with a splash of cream
Why I teach at the CHC: To deep-dive into culture and critical inquiry with students.
If you take my class, you will: Have new experiences!
I’m a stickler for: Slowing down and thinking things through.

Christopher Michlig Profile

Michael Moffit headshot
Michael Moffitt
A.J. ersted award for distinguished teaching; thomas f. herman award for specialized pedagogy

Department: Law
CHC classes: HC 431/444 Continuing the Search for the Cayuse Five (1); HC 444 The Justice System Today; HC 101 Visions of Conflict; HC 431 Secrecy
Hometown: Wadsworth, Ohio
Song on Repeat: “No Expectations” by Della Mae
Guilty Pleasure: Oxygen Not Included
Favorite Movie: The Incredibles
Coffee or Tea: Iced, black, half-caff Americano
Why I teach at the CHC: I love CHC students! (Also, I’m pretty sure it’s in my contract somewhere that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Wait, why are you asking?) 
If you take my class, you will: Discover that you are the actual, no-joke, hands-down, total expert in the room on some specific thing that has arisen. And then immediately after that, discover that you (1) like that feeling, but (2) need practice knowing what to do in such situations.
I’m a stickler for: Avoiding globalized assertions. No one should ever use them. They always make you look completely stupid. 

Michael Moffit Profile

Kate Mondlock headshot
Kate Mondloch
faculty excellence award; sherl coleman and margaret guitteau teaching professorships in the humanities; national endowment for the humanities; williams fellowship

Department: History of Art and Architecture
CHC classes: HC 101 The Art and Science of Human Flourishing; HC 221 Body Politic and the Art of Perception; HC 421 Attention, Perception, Contemplation in Art; HC 434 Global Contemporary Art
Hometown: Manchester, Wash.
Song on Repeat: The Beatles’ White Album
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate 
Favorite Movie: Kung Fu Panda
Coffee or Tea: Both
Why I teach at the CHC: I love teaching students in different disciplines and inviting them to explore questions about art and human flourishing.  
If you take my class, you will: Understand that how we see the world is just as important as what we see.
I’m a stickler for: Kindness and curiosity.

Kate Mondloch Profile

Barbara Mossberg headshot
Barbara Mossberg
Ersted Award for Distinguished Teaching; Provost’s Award for Innovation in Teaching; Senior Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship; National Endowment for the Humanities 
Professor of Practice in Literature 
Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Thinking Like the Sun: Stellar Knowledge of the Woods, Seeds, Swamps, and Infinity of You; The Art of Living: Travel in Ancient and Emerging Minds; Emerson and Einstein, Interdisciplinary Artist Activists: An Inquiry into Genius; John Muir's Backpack; Eco literature and the Green Imagination; Epic Influencers: Leadership, Poetry, and You; Thesis (both 277 and 477)
Hometown: Pasadena, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “You Are My Sunshine”
Guilty Pleasure: Lying in a raft tied up to a river bank
Favorite Movie: The Fall; close seconds, Amacord and Accepted
Coffee or Tea: Iced coffee
Why I teach at the CHC: It lets me be whole, all the parts of my intellectual, spiritual, and emotional being that go into how I wish to contribute what is in me to our next generation leaders on whom our world depends. With my background in literary criticism, women's studies, American Studies, international education, chaos theory, leadership studies, poetry, drama, the intersection of emergent and ancient science and literature, and other fields, in what department would I fit? Yet in the Clark Honors College, it all comes together in encouragement and respect. It is my greatest honor and joy to work with students, to mentor and advise, and be a person of use at this threshold stage of their lives.
If you take my class, you will: Work harder than you ever have; respect and admire yourself as a learner and leader; look within for answers for your own "inner Einstein;" know that your learning is needed; and do meaningful work you are proud of that can position you for your next life and academic goals.
I’m a stickler for: Enthusiasm and gratitude for the gift of consciousness. May we do justice to it.  

Barbara Mossberg Profile

Lisa Munger headshot
Lisa Munger
Innovative Teaching Fellowship
Instructor of Marine Sciences

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 101 Down the Rabbit Hole; HC 241 Unusual Oceanographic Events; HC 241 Nature of Sound; HC 277 Thesis Orientation; HC 301 Backyard Soundscapes; HC 301 Science of Teaching; HC 441 Mystique of Marine Mammals
Hometown: Boulder, Colorado
Song on Repeat: “I am not a woman, I’m a god” by Halsey
Guilty Pleasure: Eschewing social media
Favorite Movie: Anything with Bill Murray
Coffee or Tea: At least one of each
Why I teach at the CHC: It’s an exciting, dynamic community that supports creativity and connection.​​​​​​
If you take my class, you will: Do science, collaborate, be inspired, and have fun.
I’m a stickler for: Concrete evidence. 

Lisa Munger Profile

Catalina de Onís headshot
Catalina de Onís
Instructor of Latine/x Studies

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Environmental, Climate, and Energy Justice in Latine/x Communities; Latine/x Autoethnographies; Calderwood Seminar: Translating Environmental Justice; Latine Testimonios
Hometown: I come from diasporic peoples and have many homes.
Song on Repeat: “Todo Cambia” by Gina Chávez
Favorite Movie: Pumzi​​​​​
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Why I teach at the CHC: Visit me during office hours to discuss why I’m here.  
If you take my class, you will: Discuss the problems of white supremacy and other oppressive systems, while re-imagining what can and must be for the survival and endurance of all people and our non-human relatives.

Catalina de Onís Profile

Carol Paty headshot
Carol Paty
Fund for Faculty Excellence Award 2020 
Associate Dean for Faculty; Professor

Department: Clark Honors College, Earth Sciences
CHC classes: HC 441 Calderwood Public Writing Seminar “Chasing Planets;” HC 277 Thesis Orientation
Hometown: Mongaup Valley, N.Y.
Song on Repeat: “Space Oddity” by David Bowie or “They” by Jem
Guilty Pleasure: Salty snacks like tots
Favorite Movie: Note sure if they are true favorites, but my go-to airplane movies are Spaceballs and Zombieland
Coffee or Tea: Coffee - unpolluted
Why I teach at the CHC: The students. I learn more from them than they do from me! The same goes for my incredible CHC colleagues.
If you take my class, you will: Develop a narrative voice for communicating with a broad audience, and learn how to give and receive constructive feedback to improve your writing. You'll also probably learn a lot about space exploration.
I’m a stickler for: Being present and engaged in class discussion. We’re all in this together! 

Carol Paty Profile

Roxann Prazniak headshot
Roxann Prazniak

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 431 Modern Chinese History and the Art of Hung Liu (1948-2021); HC 231 Silk Road Histories
Hometown: Važec, Slovakia via Minneapolis and San Francisco
Song on Repeat: Sting's album If On a Winter’s Night… or Nawang Khechog's Tibetan Meditation Music
Guilty Pleasure: Hiking the Dales (England) during lambing season
Favorite Movie: Casablanca
Coffee or Tea: Prosecco (no caffeine)
Why I teach at the CHC: Great students, curious and intellectually serious.
If you take my class, you will: Have fun and learn a lot. Go away charged to see the world differently.
I’m a stickler for: Critical thinking in an age of post-truth relativism and the digital panopticon.

Roxann Prazniak Profile

Elizabeth Raisanen headshot
Elizabeth Raisanen
Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award
Assistant Dean of Advising and Strategic Partnerships; Instructor of Literature
Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Thesis Orientation; Thesis Prospectus; Literary Gestations; Artificial Births in Speculative Fiction; Digital Humanities
Hometown: Most recently, Los Angeles, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “Digital Witness” by St. Vincent
Guilty Pleasure: Filling my garden with plants (and more plants)
Favorite Movie: Groundhog Day
Coffee or Tea: Black tea in the morning, green tea in the afternoon, herbal tea in the evening!
Why I teach at the CHC: The students are so enthusiastic and engaged!
If you take my class, you will: Learn how to delve deeply into your interests and take the next steps toward exploring them.
I’m a stickler for: The Oxford comma!

Elizabeth Raisanen Profile

Angela Rovak headshot
Angela Rovak
Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award
Director of First-Year Experience, Instructor of Literature

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 421/444: Black Literature, Science, and Reproductive Justice
Hometown: Lafayette, Colorado
Song on Repeat: I search “Elder Emo” on Spotify and hit play
Guilty Pleasure: Seeded sourdough loaf from Noisette Bakery, but I do not carry guilt for this true pleasure. 
Favorite Movie: Independence Day
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Why I teach at the CHC: My field, African American Literature, is inherently interdisciplinary. There is no better place to teach such classes than in the CHC.  
If you take my class, you will: Learn a lot about the history of reproductive science and the efforts to correct an unjust system through the human-rights framework of Reproductive Justice.
I’m a stickler for: Directly engaging quotations you’ve included in your writing.

Angela Rovak Profile

Casey Shoop
Casey Shoop
Thomas F. Herman Award for Specialized Pedagogy; UO Teaching Engagement Fellowship on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Pedagogy; Mellon course development grant from Just Futures Institute
Senior Instructor of Literature

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: HC 101 Artificial Intelligence: The Cultures of Minds and Machines; HC 221 The Tragic Mode of Knowledge; HC 222 The Literary Lives of Animals; HC 223 Climate Change and the Problem of Representation; HC 421 How the West Was Spun; HC 441 After the End of the World
Hometown: Long Beach, Calif.
Song on Repeat: “Debaser” by the Pixies
Guilty Pleasure: An old movie matinee in the middle of a sunny day.
Favorite Movie: Vertigo or Rules of the Game or Mulholland Drive or...
Coffee or Tea: Coffee, damn it! What a question. My students know that my large thermos is the T.A. for the course.
Why I teach at the CHC: This is a community devoted to shared learning and discovery, and every day I learn by the example of my students' and colleagues’ generosity, creativity, and disciplinary range. I owe all of them a debt of gratitude for the way they’ve allowed me to continue being their student.
If you take my class, you will: Wander in the dark woods of self-discovery.
I’m a stickler for: The proper use of a semi-colon.

Casey Shoop Profile

portrait of Carol Stabile in front of Chapman Hall doors
Carol Stabile
American Council of Learned Societies’ Fellowship; Farrar Award in Media and Civil Rights History; Wayne Westling Award for Distinguished University and Leadership
Dean; Professor of Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Department: Clark Honors College
CHC classes: Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing: Writing for Social Justice; Feminist Science Fiction
Hometown: Stillwater, N.J.
Song on Repeat: “Wuthering Heights” by Kate Bush
Guilty Pleasure: Dog TikToks 
Favorite Movie: Raising Arizona
Coffee or Tea: Coffee always
Why I teach at the CHC: Because as a teacher I have a lot of freedom in terms of course topics and because I get to teach students from every major. Where else would I be able to teach public writing to artists, policy wonks, scientists, and journalists, or feminist science fiction to English majors, data scientists, historians, and biology majors, all at the same time?
If you take my class, you will: Revise your writing. A lot.
I’m a stickler for: Making space so folks can disagree with each other without being disagreeable. 

Carol Stabile Profile

outdoor portrait of courtney thorsson
Courtney Thorsson
UO Provost Book Publication Award;  Weixlmann Prize for best essay in African American Review on 20th- and 21st-century literature; Public Scholar Award, National Endowment for the Humanities
Associate Professor

Department: English
CHC classes: HC 101 Poetry of Black Liberation; HC 444 Black Feminist Literature; HC 221 Black Women's Short Fiction
Hometown: New York is the place that feels most like home.
Song on Repeat: Any golden age (late 1980s through 1990s) hip-hop playlist
Guilty Pleasure: Sci-fi, horror, and supernatural TV shows (but I don't feel guilty about it!) 
Favorite Movie: I love too many movies to name but a few I'll rewatch anytime are Blade Runner, Daughters of the Dust, Point Break, any movie in the Scream series, and Cabin in the Woods.
Coffee or Tea: Coffee
Why I teach at the CHC: The small class size and terrific students let us really collaborate to learn together.  
If you take my class, you will: Definitely develop your reading, writing, and thinking skills and hopefully carry what you learn from African American literature into the rest of your personal and professional life.
I’m a stickler for: Do the reading! Every text I assign is one I chose with great care and respect for students' time. They're all worth your careful attention; I promise!

Courtney Thorsson Profile

Lydia Van Dreel headshot
Lydia Van Dreel
Ariel AVANT “innovation competition” HEART award; Oregon Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowship

Department: Music
CHC classes: HC 221 Music and Meaning; HC 301 Experiential Anatomy and Somatic Therapies; HC 421 Music and Identity
Hometown: Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Song on Repeat: “Let the Soil Play its Simple Part” by Carolyn Shaw
Guilty Pleasure: Binging Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Favorite Movie: Fast, Cheap and Out of Control
Coffee or Tea: Why not both?
Why I teach at the CHC: I love interdisciplinary learning. 
If you take my class, you will: Listen to an incredible variety of music and hopefully have a great time contemplating the human need for connection and expression. 
I’m a stickler for: Good rhythm. Find the groove.

Lydia Van Dreel Profile

lisa wolverton outdoor portrait
Lisa Wolverton
Harvard society of Fellows; National Endowment for the Humanities

Department: History
CHC classes: HC 101 Cultural History of Dogs; HC221 Encounters with God; HC231 Saints and Society; HC231 Medieval Spain; HC 421 Hildegard of Bingen
Hometown: We’ve lived in Eugene now for 23 years
Song on Repeat: “Seven” by Jung Kook
Guilty Pleasure: Puzzles 
Favorite Movie: The Incredibles
Coffee or Tea: Both
Why I teach at the CHC: For the give-and-take in small-class settings.
If you take my class, you will: Learn to love my stick figures.
I’m a stickler for: Thesis statements.

Lisa Wolverton Profile