Robert D. Clark Honors College
1293 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1293

Phone: 541-346-5414

Global Scholars Hall

In Fall 2012, over 180 incoming freshman class of the Robert D. Clark Honors College moved into the brand new Global Scholars Hall.  For these students, the GSH offers a dynamic learning environment consisting of many varied living and learning spaces as well as five co-located language immersive programs (Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French). The GSH also features its own Resident Scholar and Outreach and Student Engagement Libriarian. Other building highlights include a learning commons, five incorporated classrooms, a multipurpose performance room with elevated stage, study rooms, a presentation practice room, and the Fresh Marketcafe. To explore further, visit the Clark Honors College's Academic Residential Community page.

Common Reading Program

The Clark Honors College values debate in the public space, and inaugurated its summer reading program in 2009. All first-year students read an assigned book and participate in an online forum facilitated by CHC student leaders and faculty. Upon arriving on campus in the fall, students engage with the book through dialogue with their peers, guest speakers, and other enrichment opportunities. 

In 2009, CHC student Alex Goodell CHC ‘11 brought to the CHC an initiative to introduce first-year students to debate in the public space. The Common Reading program incorporates an assigned book with an online forum where students identify, discuss, and debate issues raised in the book. The class of 2014 found the forum’s discussion socially, personally, and academically effective: it helps to forge a sense of CHC community.

The Common Reading program has now been expanded to incorporate first-year students campus wide around a single book. This summer, the CHC and UO are pleased to present a work of fiction, Station Eleven the fourth novel by Canadian novelist Emily St. John Mandel, a 2014 National Book Award Finalist.

Incoming first-year students in the CHC will receive a complimentary copy and CHC reading guide at IntroDUCKtion in July. Students are expected to read the text and contribute meaningfully to the CHC forum online before New Student Orientation (NSO) in September.

 Grow with the conversation! Contribute to the Common Reading online discussion forum here.

Celebrate Undergraduate Research

The University of Oregon hosts its fifth annual Undergraduate Symposium, a campus-wide celebration of undergraduate research, and original creative and performance works on Thursday, May 14, 2015 in the EMU Ballroom and nearby oral presentation rooms.  For more information about this year's Symposium, including the day's agenda and abstract submissions, click here.

Since the Symposium began, over 220 Clark Honors College students have participated through oral presentations, poster presentations, fine and performance art. Wondering what original research our undergraduates pursue?  Check out the slide show here!

  • Natalie Brezack, a Psychology major, presented "Motionese: Subject to Preference?"
  • Amy Jones, a double major in Biology and Human Physiology, presented "Tracing the Endocardial Cell Lineage of Developing Heart Valves Using MADM Matter Pools"
  • Muhammad Khalifa, a Biochemistry major, presented "Alkaline Synthesis of Amidines - A New Approach to Preparing Medicinally Relevant Small Molecules"
  • Shahnaz Mooney, a double major in Environmental Studies and Philosophy, presented "Creating a Sense of Place Along the McKenzie River," with her River Stories teammates
  • Jaclyn Rushing, a double major in Environmental Studies and Romance Languages, presented "Women and Glaciers: Perspectives on Climate Change Vulnerability, Identity, and the Professional Sphere"
  • Charlotte Rheingold, a Comparative Literature major, is Chief Editor of the student-run, peer-reviewed Oregon Undergraduate Research Journal (OURJ)
  • Maithri Sarangam, a Biology major, presented "The Role of the BAF Chromatin Remodeling Complex during Heart Valve Development"
  • Makenzie Shepherd, an Environmental Studies major, presented "UO's Environmental Leadership Program:  Critters and Currents Environmental Education Team"