Admissions Requirements

There are no minimum requirements for admission to the Clark Honors College

We do not believe that your past success, and potential future accomplishments, can be embodied in a test score—which is why we conduct a holistic portfolio review for each applicant.

Each application is evaluated to establish its strength with respect to:

  • Creative Potential: Creativity and critical thinking
  • Academic Performance: The extent to which you have challenged yourself by taking diverse and rigorous courses in high school
  • Potential Contribution: The ways in which you have contributed to your family and your community

Our goal is to provide the opportunity for all applicants to present their whole and best selves.

Typical Clark Honors College Incoming Students


median GPA or higher


percentile of test takers

While there is no minimum threshold, our incoming students typically possess a median GPA of 3.90 or higher and score in the 90+ percentile of test takers.

We seek bright, thoughtful, and academically motivated individuals to bring diversity to our community of scholars. If you want to hone your critical thinking, reading and writing skills alongside others who, like you, enjoy exciting, in-depth conversations, then the Clark Honors College is the place for you!

AP, IB, and Transfer Credits

You put in a lot of time and hard work to get those Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) credits!

The credits will transfer to UO, and depending on your test scores, may count towards honors college requirements in math, science, foreign language and UO electives. Note that AP/IB scores may only be used to fulfill up to a maximum of 24 university credit hours.

You will still need to take the honors college Arts & Letters and Social Science sequences, which are designed to be an immersive learning experience. These classes are where we build community, create fabulous mentorship relationships between students and professors, and benefit from the intellectual energy of having majors from all across campus together in one place.

Take a look at the below chart to see how your AP, IB or college transfer credits fit in. If you still have questions, you can take a look at the CHC's Graduation Requirements, or check out the university registrar's pages for AP credits and IB credits.

Clark Honors College Graduation Requirements

  Credit Hours Can Be Fulfilled with Transfer Credits?
 CHIP 1 No
 Second Language 24 Yes
 Science 4-12 Yes - Except for HC Science, which is required for non-science majors
 Math (Quantitative Reasoning) 4-12 Yes
 200-Level Arts & Letters and Social Science 20 No
 400-Level Colloquia 20 No
 Thesis Courses 3 No

Math (Quantitative Reasoning) Accepted Transfer Courses

All honors college students must complete one course (4 credits) of quantitative reasoning. This requirement can be fulfilled with transfer, AP, or IB credits. On your Transfer Evaluation Report the following course codes will fulfill this requirement:

  • Math 1xxT
  • Math 2xxT
  • Math 3xxT
  • Math 4xxT
  • CIS 1xxT
  • CIS 2xxT
  • CIS 3xxT
  • CIS 4xxT

Two Additional Math or Science Courses

In addition to the manadory 4 credits of quantitative reasoning, all honors college student must also complete two additional courses (8 credits total) in math or science. On your Transfer Evaluation Report the following course codes will fulfill this requirement:

  • Math 1xxT
  • Math 2xxT
  • Math 3xxT
  • Math 4xxT
  • CIS 1xxT
  • CIS 2xxT
  • CIS 3xxT
  • CIS 4xxT
  • ASTR 120T
  • BI 120T
  • CH 120T
  • ENVS 120T
  • GEOL 120T
  • HPHY 120T
  • PHYS 120T

If needed, you may petition the Clark Honors College to have the following transfer courses satisfy the additional science or math requirement:

  • ANTH 120T
  • GEOG 120T
  • PSY 120T
  • Any science course at the 200‐level or higher

UO Electives

If you have AP, IB or transfer credits in a course of study that does not count towards CHC requirements, you can apply those credits towards fulfilling UO electives. Electives represent approximately one third (60 credits) of the total credit hours (180 credits) required to graduate from the University of Oregon.