How to Apply

Applicants to Clark Honors College will complete a single application to apply to both the honors college and the University of Oregon at the same time, either through the UO's online application (the Oregon Application), the Common Application, or the Coalition Application. The requirements are the same, and your application will be treated no differently regardless of which option you choose. 

If you apply to UO (but not CHC) during the early admissions cycle, you can still apply to the CHC during the regular admissions cycle by completing the supplemental PDF application form.

Application Deadlines:

  • Early Action
    • Application due November 1st
    • Supporting Documents due November 7th
    • Admit notification sent by December 15th
  • Regular Notification
    • Application due January 15th
    • Supporting Documents due February 1st
    • Admit notification sent by April 1st

If you have questions, please e-mail or call 541-346-7600 Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Check Your Application Status

Application Checklist

All items listed are required. Incomplete applications are not considered for admission. You are responsible for ensuring that all items are received by the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College. 

  • Application: 
    • If you are applying through the Oregon Application (the UO's online application), check "yes" when asked if you want to apply to the honors college. You will then be asked to complete an additional essay in response to the prompt provided on that page. 
    • If using the Common Application, click on the “Questions” tab in the University of Oregon section of the application to view the list. Complete each section including the “Honors College” section at the bottom. After clicking “yes,” you will be able to enter your honors college essay.
    • For the Coalition Application, in the UO application section, after indicating that you want to apply to the Clark Honors College, you will be able to enter your honors college essay.  
  • Official high school and college transcripts (if applicable): Official transcripts will be shared between the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College; additional copies are not required.
  • Official Test Scores (SAT or ACT): Official test scores will be shared between the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College; additional copies are not required.
  • Clark Honors College admission essay
  • Description of Accomplishments
  • Special circumstances: Advise us of any special circumstances that affected your academic performance. We encourage you to provide details of any serious illness, diagnosed disability, personal difficulties, or family circumstances that have affected your education.

There are additional or modified requirements for transfer students and international students. Please explore those pages for complete information.


Think ahead on this one. The formal essay is an important component of your application to the Clark Honors College.

Applicants using the Oregon application:

  • Write one essay in response to one of the Oregon Application Personal Statement prompts.
  • Write an additional essay selecting one of the honors college prompts below.

Applicants using the Common Application:

  • Write one essay using one of the Common Application prompts. This will be the essay that is submitted to any college to which you apply using the Common Application service.
  • Write an additional essay selecting one of the honors college prompts below. When you answer “yes” to the honors question, the honors essay prompt will appear immediately below the honors question on your screen.

Applicants using the Coalition Application:

  • Write one essay using one of the Coalition Application prompts. 
  • Write an additional essay selecting of of the honors college prompts below.

Essay Topic:

The Clark Honors College Admissions Review Committee will consider both the essay that you submit in response to the prompts from the Oregon Application, Common Application, or Coalition Application, as well as your response to the following Clark Honors College essay prompt. The Clark Honors College faculty are involved in the review of applications and are eager to learn about how you think, and how your mind works. Please write an essay that responds to one of the three quotations below. Reflect on how the quotation relates to your own experience, beliefs, and attitudes.

Select one of the three quotations below. (650 word maximum).

  • Hannah Arendt: "Education is the point at which we decide whether we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it, and by the same token save it from the ruin which except for renewal, except for the coming of the new and the young, would be inevitable."
  • Maya Angelou: "Prejudice is a burden that confuses the past, threatens the future, and renders the present inaccessible."
  • John Steinbeck: "I wonder how many people I've looked at all my life and never seen."

Note: All honors college applicants must complete the university application essay requirement and the honors college essay. The UO general essay topic cannot be used to fulfill the Clark Honors College admission essay. 

Description of Accomplishments

Share a minimum of three significant activities you were involved with during high school. This could be extracurricular activities, special accomplishments, a job you held, or contributions you've made to your family or community. Provide an activity description for each, and discuss your specific role or participation.

Application Timeline

Taking a Gap Year

A Gap Year is the year after high school, but before college, that you may choose to take in order to refresh, reset, or redirect yourself in a positive way before transitioning into university study. During a Gap Year you might:

  • Travel
  • Participate in an Internship
  • Volunteer
  • Receive Specialized Training
  • Conduct Research

If you are considering taking a Gap Year, then you should apply to the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College during your senior year of high school. After your application has been accepted, you can then apply for deferred enrollment.