How to Apply

Applicants to Clark Honors College will complete a single online application to apply to both the honors college and the University of Oregon at the same time.

If you applied to UO (but not CHC) during the early admissions cycle, you can still apply to the CHC by completing the supplemental CHC application form.

If you have questions, please e-mail or call 541-346-7600 Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Application Checklist

All items listed are required and are in addition to those required for admission to the University of Oregon. Incomplete applications are not considered for admission. No Common Application forms will be accepted.

There are additional or modified requirements for transfer students and international students. Please explore those pages for complete information.

Supplemental Information

In addition to submitting the application, your test scores, and official high school transcripts, be prepared to address the following elements:

Description of Accomplishments

Share three significant activities you were involved with during high school. This could be extracurricular activities, special accomplishments, a job you held, or contributions you've made to your family or community. Provide an activity description for each, and discuss your specific role or participation.

Essay: 250 words minimum, 500 words maximum

Think ahead on this one. The formal essay is an important component of your application to the Clark Honors College.

All applicants must complete both the UO’s general application essay requirement and the Clark Honors College essay requirement. You can use your honors college essay for the general university application, but you cannot use an essay written to the general university standard for your Clark Honors College application. We recommend that you write your CHC essay first and use it in both places.

Please reflect on one of the three topics listed below. Present your thoughts in a clear, well-organized essay that demonstrates your critical thinking skills. The committee is looking for a coherent, energetic essay supported by specific evidence.

Essay Topics (choose one):

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald said that "the test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function." Explore a situation or experience in which you had to think about two ideas in contradiction with each other. How did you think through the conflict? Were you able to resolve the tension between ideas?
  • Define what you mean by community (neighborhood, family or extended family, religious affiliation, etc.) and explain both why and how you have contributed to a community.
  • Describe the scientific concept (e.g. plate tectonics, quantum mechanics) most important to your worldview and explain why it is so critical to your outlook.

Teacher Recommendations

Ask two of your amazing, wonderful, awesome, and supportive high school teachers to write a recommendation for you. You will need to identify those teachers before completing the application. Make sure the teachers’ names that are written on the forms match the teachers’ recommendations being sent. No Common Application forms will be accepted.

Recommendations should come from:

  • Two academic teachers in different subject areas – e.g., English and science, or math and history
    • Recommendations from leadership or music teachers must address academics
    • Recommendations from counselors, principals, or coaches will only be accepted if they were at one time your academic teacher
  • One teacher who can discuss your writing skills
  • Teachers who have taught you in grades 10 through 12
  • Teachers who have awarded you a grade that appears on your transcript

Your teachers should complete the teacher recommendation form. All supporting documents, including teacher recommendation forms must be received by:

  • Early Action—November 7
  • Regular Notification—February

Application Timeline

Taking a Gap Year

A Gap Year is the year after high school, but before college, that you may choose to take in order to refresh, reset, or redirect yourself in a positive way before transitioning into university study. During a Gap Year you might:

  • Travel
  • Participate in an Internship
  • Volunteer
  • Receive Specialized Training
  • Conduct Research

If you are considering taking a Gap Year, then you should apply to the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College during your senior year of high school. After your application has been accepted, you can then apply for deferred enrollment.