Essay Tips & Prompt

The Clark Honors College Essay Requirements for Admission 

Applying to the Clark Honors College requires two different essays:

  1. One using the Honors College prompt
  2. One from either the Oregon Application Personal Statement or the Common Application*

The UO general essay topic cannot be used to fulfill the Clark Honors College essay. You must complete both of them. 

(*Note: On the Common Application, the Honors College essay prompt will appear immediately below the honors question on your screen when you answer “yes” to apply.) 

Clark Honors College essay instructions: 

The Honors College strives to be a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive place. When faculty and staff review the applications, they are looking to see how you think and how your mind works. The best essays: 

  • demonstrate effective storytelling 
  • include thoughtful analysis 
  • synthesize themes in a meaningful way 
  • give a sense of your personality and unique perspective 

The CHC essay prompt:

Curiosity and breadth of interests are defining characteristics of Clark Honors College students. We value originality and want to learn more about your unique journey and the nature and breadth of your intellectual curiosity.

Please tell us about a specific enthusiasm that showcases your curiosity and intellectual engagement with the world. Your chosen enthusiasm or passion can be from any domain—academic, artistic, scientific, cultural, or any other area that has captivated your interest. Be thoughtful and provide concrete examples to support your response.

Please limit your response to a maximum of 500 words.