HC221H - Philosophy of Sport

Professor: Peg Weiser

4.00 credits

  • CRN 12421: Monday & Wednesday, 2:00-3:20pm @ AGH 130

We will study sport—professional, intercollegiate, and amateur/post-amateur—throughout history as well as basic topics in the philosophy of sport such as the nature of games, rules, and play; the aesthetics of sport and art; the ethics of athletic competition, PEDs, trans athletes, and fan behavior; and the role of education in sport, going back to ancient Greek philosophy. Social justice issues of fairness will include athletes’ political activism, racial discrimination, the commercialization and marketing of sports, NILs, gender equity (Title IX “celebrated” 50 years after becoming law in 1972), and the power dynamics of highly visible sport administrations such as the NCAA, IOC, NFL, MLB, WNBA, and NWSL. All films and assigned readings (no textbook to purchase) are linked from the syllabus.