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Challenge Yourself

Clark Honors College is comprised of students from every undergraduate major on campus. From art to business, neuroscience to political science, our classrooms are a fusion of ideas and perspectives. CHC students are insatiably curious, approach problem-solving from every angle, and are on a quest to always learn more. We challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, expand your horizons, and engage deeply with both the coursework and the people that you find here. 

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What we offer:

Breadth of academic disciplines
Balanced and flexible scheduling
Lively first-year seminars
Writing assignments and projects, not multiple-choice testing
Strong support at every stage of the thesis process
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The Focus is on You

Small discussion-based classes and close faculty mentorship are the hallmarks of the Clark Honors College. You’ll learn with your fellow classmates and from them.  With an average of 15 students per class, you will form close relationships, and you won’t be just a face in the crowd. You are a contributor to the learning experience as well as a participant. 

As one CHC student said, "I'm required to be present, and receptive, and respectful...Everybody is engaged."

Get to Know our Students

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1:1 Faculty Mentorship

Your undergraduate career will serve as a foundation for your career, but also as a time to build relationships with mentors and professors who will share their expertise with you and serve as guides to your senior thesis. Ask questions. Go to office hours. Engage in discussions. CHC professors are dedicated leaders in learning, drawn from all disciplines across campus to enable every CHC student to make the most of their education.

Meet our Core Faculty

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Exclusive Courses

Available only to our students, the CHC’s liberal arts curriculum will introduce you to courses across traditional academic disciplines—history, literature, math, natural science, social science. At the same time, the CHC’s interdisciplinary courses will provoke you to think beyond those traditional boundaries by considering subjects from diverse perspectives. 

Explore Course Offerings

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Writing for Life

Want to improve your writing skills in a meaningful way that reaches audiences beyond the classroom? Take a Calderwood Seminar in Public Writing. You'll get detailed feedback, learn to translate complex information effectively, and develop a voice that opens the door for you to make a difference in the world. 

Find Calderwood Seminars

Map Out Your Graduation Plan

The CHC’s small, 19-person (maximum) classes replace the university’s core education requirements. With disciplinary balance and flexibility in scheduling, our curriculum allows students to determine when they take their CHC courses and how to balance those with their major and university requirements.

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Your Thesis Will Take You Places

As a CHC student, during your fourth year you will complete a thesis project. Through your thesis project, you can explore questions, solve problems, create a portfolio, conduct original research, write a business or marketing plan, or work with professors on an issue or project related to your own career goals.

Your thesis will provide you with skills employers and graduate or professional schools value: the ability to manage projects, apply your knowledge, communicate complex ideas and work both independently and collaboratively. 

The CHC Thesis Project