HC231H - Civil Rights in Higher Education

Professor: Jessica Price

4.00 credits

  • CRN 12426: Monday & Wednesday, 4:30-5:50pm @ 348 MCK

Through a series of readings, guided discussions, and student-generated presentations and analysis of caselaw, this course examines the evolving standards of civil rights in higher education. Students will explore the existence and basis for enforcement of core civil rights that are raised in lawsuits, with a focus on discrimination and free speech, but also covering privacy, due process, and criminal investigations. The course will focus on constitutional law as interpreted through judicial opinions. Discussions will be rooted in critical analysis of barriers to the enforcement of individual rights, the highly disputed application of the state action doctrine, and qualified immunity.  The course will consist of interactive lectures and discussions that require active student engagement, presentations, and facilitation of class conversation. The course touches upon some of the core concepts taught in Constitutional Law and Civil Rights, including police practices and discrimination, but demonstrates their evolution in the higher education context, through the lens of student and faculty rights.