HC434/421H - The Arab World through Cinema

Professor: Hadil Abuhmaid

4.00 credits

  • CRN 16796: Tuesday & Thursday, 4:00-5:20pm @ CHA 202

This class will fulfill the Arts and Letters colloquium and Global Perspectives cultural literacy requirements. If Arts and Letters has already been fulfilled, course will meet both elective colloquium and Global Perspectives requirements.

This course introduces students to contemporary Arab societies through the lens of cinematic production and socio-cultural contexts. The course focuses on major trends and issues in modern Arabic film production and its interconnectedness with culture and identity. Cinematic productions offer a potent platform for critically examining a wide array of fundamental inquiries and themes pertinent to the fabric of any society. This includes national identity, representation of history, religion, politics, conflict, orientalism, and the dynamics of gender, class, and sexuality.

The course will cover several countries across the Arab that may include Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Tunisia, and Lebanon. The selected films will include English subtitles and will be discussed critically to cover the variety of themes mentioned above and identify the relationship between contextual cultural issues and film.