Summer 2023 Course Descriptions

HC421H - Thinking Like the Sun: Stellar Knowledge of the Woods, Seeds, Swamps, and Infinity of You

Professor: Barbara Mossberg

CRN 41747: Mondays & Tuesdays (August 21 - September 17), 8:00am-12:00pm @ Remote synchronous (zoom) class meetings

“Dear Dr. B: Thank you for writing me about your class for the Clark Honors College, “Thinking Like the Sun.” Indeed, this is a question that enabled me to come up with my theories of relativity, what you call “equation elation.” I humbly admire poets and wish I were one. I wistfully imagined that my e=mc2 was a poem. I myself became a metaphor, journeying on a sunbeam, thinking like the sun. I am honored to join your Thought Group,” and your remarkable students. Yours ever, Albert E.” “Dear Professor Mossberg, Having done seven missions to space as an astronaut transformed by my journey into a Poet, I am delighted to join your seekers of the Sun. Sincerely, Story Musgrave.” read more