Thesis Project Checklist

Use this tool as you work through each phase of the thesis project to keep yourself on track and make sure you are on top of your responsibilities. For detailed guidelines on each step of the process, see the pages Thesis Project Overview and Your Defense Term. Thesis committee members can find a similar checklist on the Committee Roles and Responsibilities page. 

Remember: Thesis projects don’t always follow a linear path. Throughout the process, it is important to keep communicating with your committee and support staff! 


  • Before you have your thesis committee, your CHC Faculty Advisor can help you develop ideas, seek out opportunities, and strategize on how to identify and approach a potential primary thesis advisor.  
  • Your Primary Thesis Advisor will be your main advisor for the project. They are your main source of expertise, guidance, and feedback on your project. It is vital that you communicate with them frequently and take the initiative to set up regular meetings.  
  • Your CHC Representative provides a generalist perspective on the project. They are a source of information on CHC processes and can provide support when challenges arise.  
  • The Undergraduate Student Support Manager will guide you through the procedural elements of the thesis process and can answer any logistical or procedural questions that arise.   


  • Gain a foundation in your field through coursework
  • Generate ideas for thesis
  • Build relationships with faculty
  • Enroll in HC 277H Thesis Orientation
  • Ask faculty to serve as your Primary Thesis Advisor and CHC Representative
  • Submit application to take HC 477H Thesis Prospectus and enroll in the class
  • Beginning early in the term you take HC 477H Thesis Prospectus, meet regularly with your primary thesis advisor about your thesis plan


  • Set up meetings and communicate regularly with primary thesis advisor
  • Follow through on commitments to project and primary thesis advisor
  • Continue to develop knowledge in your project field and relevant skills
  • Seek out grant funding as appropriate for project
  • Take steps necessary to obtain any needed research permissions (e.g., human subjects)
  • If doing collaborative work, ensure you are following guidelines
  • Keep full committee up to date on progress and projected defense term


  • Consider joining a Thesis Writing in Community group to build time and accountability into your schedule
  • Provide drafts to primary thesis advisor with ample time for feedback
  • Engage productively with primary thesis advisor feedback
  • Provide draft to the Undergraduate Program Assistant to review formatting
  • Schedule defense and reserve room by end of Week 3 in the term you plan to defend
  • Circulate final draft, primary thesis advisor approved copy of formatted thesis to committee and CHC 10 calendar days before defense
  • Prepare for oral defense
  • Make needed revisions promptly
  • Submit final thesis to CHC using the post-defense form
  • If applicable, fulfill any dissemination/archiving steps required by research group or permissions (e.g., human subjects) and close out process