As a CHC student, during your fourth year you will complete a thesis project. The thesis provides you with the opportunity to apply the expertise you acquire in your major and the critical thinking and communication skills you develop in your CHC courses. Through your thesis project, you can explore questions, solve problems, create a portfolio, conduct original research, write a business or marketing plan, or work with professors on an issue or project related to your own career goals.

Your thesis will provide you with skills employers and graduate or professional schools value. Completing a thesis requires you to conceptualize and plan a complex long-term project, manage and overcome the unexpected, and share your results both in writing and through an oral presentation. Your thesis project will demonstrate your ability to manage projects, apply your knowledge, communicate complex ideas and work both independently and collaboratively. In the process, you will form close mentoring relationships with faculty and gain confidence in your own abilities.

Your Thesis Will Take You Places

An honors thesis is valuable not only in and of itself, but also because of how you will grow, personally and academically, throughout the process. There are also concrete ways that your thesis can continue to work for you down the road. Meet two CHC alumni for whom their thesis was just the beginning:

Sheila Miller

"Remember the lessons of your thesis and put it on your résumé." —Sheila Miller, BA '99

Kelsey Stilson

"I wanted to work on rhino arthritis for my thesis and, to the credit of my advisors, they did not dismiss it as naïve passion, but challenged me to explain why this was a good thesis topic. I'm now at the University of Chicago working on a PhD in Functional Anatomy and Evolutionary Neuroscience." —Kelsey Stilson, BS '13


A Community of Thesis Writers

At Clark Honors College, you will be part of a supportive peer community of thesis writers and have access to faculty who value learning outside the classroom. The CHC curriculum is designed to help you develop and grow the skills you will need to complete a successful thesis. CHC will help you connect with faculty mentors and our signature programs, such as the mentored research program and the internship funding program, offer special access to funded opportunities. You can take independent research credits to focus on your thesis project and join one of our student-led writing circles to connect with a community of thesis writers.  From your second year on, your CHC faculty advisor will be a resource for all of your thesis questions.

woman standing in front of a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf of theses.


Some Exceptional Theses

Each Spring, we celebrate exceptional theses that were both well written and presented at the highest level in the oral defense. You can view an extensive collection of CHC theses through Scholar's Bank.


Resources for Students and Primary Thesis Advisors





Thesis Resource Staff

Research Help:

Jefferey Staiger


Jeffrey Staiger is the Library Liaison for the Clark Honors College and the Humanities Librarian for the University of Oregon Libraries.  Jeffrey is here as a research specialist to answer any questions regarding the library or your research projects, as well as to connect you with other research specialists and library services.

Phone: 541-346-1897

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Process Help:

Miriam Jordan


Miriam Alexis Jordan is the CHC Academic and Thesis Programs Manager. She holds a B.S. in Arts and Humanities, and a Masters in Arts Administration from the UO. Miriam provides administrative and technical support on benchmarks and protocols as you progress through the academic and thesis process toward graduation. She believes in the importance of a liberal arts education and is committed to your student success. When you are ready to begin the thesis process, Miriam is your guide.

Phone: 541-346-2511