CHC Staff and Administrative Faculty

David Austin

Sr Director of Communications
Clark Honors College
Phone: 503-803-8616
Office: Chapman 110

Paula Braswell

Director of Admissions, Orientation, and Scholarships
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2593
Office: 124 Chapman Hall

John Burridge

Web Communications Technician
Clark Honors College, College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 541-346-3914
Office: Remote; coworking office space in Chapman Hall
Research Interests: end-user support and training, documentation, webpage design, desktop security

Liz Dela Cruz

Forensics Operations Manager
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-0358
Office: Chapman Hall

Renée Dorjahn

Associate Dean of Finance & Administration
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5965
Office: 123 Chapman Hall

Elin England

Director, Alumni and Community Engagement
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2995
Office: 128 Chapman Hall

Daphne Gallagher

Assoc Dean Undergrad Studies, Clark Honors College
Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5122
Office: 321 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: archaeology, West Africa, agriculture, ethnobotany, food culture, museums

Anna Glavash Miller

Communications Generalist
Clark Honors College
Office: 110 Chapman Hall

Miriam Jordan

Academic and Thesis Programs Manager
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2511
Office: 125 Chapman Hall

Christy McElroy

Budget and Data Analyst
Fiscal Coordinator 1
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2780
Office: University of Oregon

Carol Paty

Associate Dean for Faculty, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, Earth Sciences, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4786
Office: 120 Volcanology
Research Interests: Planetary Science, Space Physics, Planetary Interiors, Astrobiology

Elizabeth Raisanen

Assistant Dean of Advising & Strategic Partnerships
Instructor of Literature
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4437
Office: 324 Chapman Hall

Joshua Castellanos Ramos

First-Year Advisor, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College

Angela Rovak

Instructor of Literature
Director of First-Year Experience
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4986
Office: 1005A Justice Bean Hall
Research Interests: African American Literature, Reproductive Justice, Science in Literature, Black Feminisms

Noemi Sepe

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4345
Office: 106 Chapman Hall

Carol Stabile

Acting Dean, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, College of Arts and Sciences, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-3902
Office: 108 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: Gender, race, and class in media; media history; feminism and technology

Ryan Theiss

Office Specialist 2
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5964
Office: 127 Chapman Hall