CHC Staff and Administrative Faculty

David M. Austin

Sr Director of Communications
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-0140
Office: 10A Johnson Hall

Paula Braswell

Director of Admissions, Orientation, and Scholarships
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2593
Office: 124 Chapman Hall

John Burridge

Web Communications Technician
Clark Honors College, College of Arts and Sciences
Phone: 541-346-3914
Office: 401 Tykeson Hall
Research Interests: end-user support and training, documentation, webpage design, desktop security

Dulce Castro

Second-Year Advisor
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-8140
Office: 325 Chapman Hall

Renée Dorjahn

Associate Dean of Finance & Administration
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5965
Office: 123 Chapman Hall

Elin England

Director, Alumni and Community Engagement
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2995
Office: 128 Chapman Hall

Daphne Gallagher

Assoc Dean Undergrad Studies, Clark Honors College
Senior Lecturer of Anthropology
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5101
Office: 321 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: archaeology, West Africa, agriculture, ethnobotany, food culture, museums

Miriam Jordan

Academic and Thesis Programs Manager
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2511
Office: 125 Chapman Hall

Christy McElroy

Budget and Data Analyst
Fiscal Coordinator 1
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2780
Office: University of Oregon

Pamela Palanuk

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4749
Office: 106 Chapman Hall

Carol Paty

Associate Dean for Faculty, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, Earth Sciences, Physics
Phone: 541-346-4786
Office: 120 Volcanology
Research Interests: Planetary Science, Space Physics, Planetary Interiors, Astrobiology

Elizabeth Raisanen

Assistant Dean of Advising & Strategic Partnerships
Instructor of Literature
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4437
Office: 324 Chapman Hall

Angela Rovak

Instructor of Literature
Director of First-Year Experience
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4986
Office: 1005A Justice Bean Hall
Research Interests: African American Literature, Reproductive Justice, Science in Literature, Black Feminisms

Carol Stabile

Acting Dean, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, College of Arts and Sciences, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Phone: 541-346-3902
Office: 108 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: Gender, race, and class in media; media history; feminism and technology

Jeffrey Staiger

Senior Librarian
Specialist in English, French, Italian, Philosophy & Classics
Clark Honors College, Romance Languages
Phone: 541-346-1897
Office: 291J Knight Library
Research Interests: Libraries and Literary Culture; The History of the Book; Scholarly Communication; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Theory

Ryan Theiss

Office Specialist 2
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-5964
Office: 127 Chapman Hall