Professors Emerit

Emerit*, emeritus or emerita are honorary titles for retired faculty members who wish to continue contributing to CHC in ways beneficial to our community. Our emeritus faculty members have inspired our students to become humanitarians, social justice workers, doctors who treat their patients with empathy, lawyers who fight for human rights, journalists who tell the stories of those who can’t, and researchers seeking to find solutions and tackle the world’s greatest problems.

* Emerit is a de-gendered title adopted by the UO Faculty Senate as more inclusive than Latin titles emeritus and emerita.



Henry Alley

Professor Emeritus of Literature
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2513
Research Interests: Contemporary American Fiction, Short Stories, George Eliot, Jane Austen, The Novel, Gay Men's Literature

Louise Bishop

Associate Professor Emeritus of Literature
Clark Honors College, Medieval Studies
Phone: 541-346-0733
Office: 212 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: Medieval Literature, especially Middle English literature; Medievalism

Suzanne Clark

Professor Emerita

Joseph Fracchia

Professor Emeritus of History
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-2516
Office: 306 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: German Social and Intellectual History, Historical Theory, Philosophy of History, History of Philosophy

David Frank

Professor of Rhetoric
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4198
Office: 210 Chapman Hall