Sample First Term Course Schedules

Your course schedule your first term of college will be unique to you. However, these sample schedules can give you an idea of the number and types of courses most students generally take.

Clark Honors College classes are indicated by the "HC" prefix. All other courses are taken in the general university, outside of the honors college. These can include required courses like a second language, science, and math, as well as courses in your major, or exploratory courses - taken as electives - to help you find a major that you're interested in.

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Major: Undeclared

  • FR 201: Second Year French (4 credits)
  • HC 231H: Laws and Conflict Resolution Before 1450 (4 credits)
  • MATH 111: College Algebra (4 credits)
  • TA 271: Introduction to Theatre Arts (4 credits)
  • HC 199H: CHIP Let's Bike Eugene! (1 credit)

Total: 17 credits

Major: Biology

  • CH 224H: Honors General Chemistry (4 credits)
  • CH 237: Advanced General Chemistry Lab (2 credits)
  • HC 221H: Sacred Texts: The Bible and The Quran In Literature and Film (4 credits)
  • MATH 246: Calculus for Biological Sciences (4 credits)
  • PEMB 211: Hatha Yoga (1 credit)
  • HC 199H: CHIP Eat Local (1 credit)

Total: 16 credits

Major: English

  • ENG 220: Introduction to English Major (4 credits)
  • GEOL 101: Earth's Dynamic Interior (4 credits)
  • HC 231H: Muslim Women from the 7th to 15th Centuries (4 credits)
  • SPAN 111: Intensive Beginning Spanish (5 credits)
  • HC 199H: CHIP Rap and Hip Hop (1 credit)

Total: 18 credits