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Does it take honors college students longer to graduate?  Does being part of the CHC add to my course load? 

The honors college curriculum replaces the core education coursework required of other University of Oregon students for about one-third of the undergraduate degree requirements. The remaining two-thirds will be courses in the major and elective course taken throughout the larger UO. The honors college curriculum is flexible to include transfer credit earned through AP/IB test and transfer courses to apply toward our graduation requirements in arts & letters, social science, science, math, and second language.


I am interested in pre-med. Is the honors college still a good choice for me? 

Because courses in your major are taken within the larger UO, not in the honors college, the CHC can still be a good fit for students interested in a medical career. Many of our students major in neuroscience, human physiology, biology, biochemistry and then go on to pursue medical school. If you have questions about the pre-med track, contact the advisors in these major programs

The CHC has partnered with Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) to offer two spots each summer in OHSU's internship program for undergraduate students considering a medical career. The CHC has also partnered with the Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact to offer two paid research positions each year in Knight Campus research labs. These and other unique opportunities would be available to you as an honors college student. 


What scholarships are available for honors college students? 

Scholarships for incoming first-year students are administered through the UO Office of Financial Aid. You will be automatically considered for some scholarships when you apply, such as the Summit and Apex merit scholarships, and there are some for which you must apply separately, such as the Stamps and Presidential scholarships. Need-based scholarships such as PathwayOregon, Staton and the Honors College Tuition Waiver Scholarship are based on demonstrated need as determined by the FAFSA/ORSAA.

For more information, please see our information on Financial Aid and Scholarships


I have taken a lot of AP/IB classes in high school, as well as some classes at my community college. Will these credits transfer to Clark Honors College? 

Depending on your test scores, your AP or IB credits can be used to satisfy quantitative math, second language, and UO Disciplinary course requirements. They may also count toward your major requirements and toward other UO electives. Additionally, all of the credits themselves will transfer toward your total cache of credits that you bring with you into the UO and will count toward the total number of credits needed to graduate. You will still be required to take all courses with an HC subject code that are part of the general core education requirements of the honors college.  

Learn more about transfer credits, or the honors college graduation requirements


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Do I need to fill out a UO application in addition to the CHC application? 

Interested students must apply to both the University of Oregon (UO) and the Clark Honors College (CHC), and they should do so at the same time. The CHC’s online application is part of the UO’s application, whether you use the UO’s own application or the Common Application. 

Applicants using the Oregon Application: Check “yes” to the honors question in the “Honors College” section. You will then be able to complete additional required elements described on that page. 

Applicants using the Common Application: Go to the “General” section of the UO portion of the application, then choose “yes” on the honors question there. The honors essay prompts will appear once you have answered “yes” to indicate that you are applying to the honors college.


I already submitted my application to the University of Oregon during the early cycle – can I still apply to the CHC during the regular admissions cycle? 

Yes! You just need to write the CHC essay.

Complete an Honors College form and submit your essay here. The essay prompt is: 

Curiosity and breadth of interests are defining characteristics of Clark Honors College students. We value originality and want to learn more about your unique journey and the nature and breadth of your intellectual curiosity.

Please tell us about a specific enthusiasm that showcases your curiosity and intellectual engagement with the world. Your chosen enthusiasm or passion can be from any domain—academic, artistic, scientific, cultural, or any other area that has captivated your interest. Be thoughtful and provide concrete examples to support your response.

Please limit your response to a maximum of 500 words.

Please ensure you complete the form and upload your essay as soon as possible or you will not be eligible to be considered for admission to CHC. The deadline to submit the CHC form is January 15, 2024.


I would like to include a musical supplement (or a piece of artwork) with my application.  How can I do that? 

We are unable to accept any supplemental art portfolios, videos, or musical recordings as part of our application process. However, we do encourage applicants to write about these aspects in the Accomplishments section of the application. 


Where do I send my application and supporting documents? 

Mail your documents to: 

Office of Admissions 
1217 University of Oregon 
Eugene, OR 97403-1217 


What are “Supporting Documents”? 

Official high school and college transcripts and official test scores are considered supporting documents.   


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How do I submit my official transcripts and test scores? Can I send them by email?

Self-reported transcript information (Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) must be provided in order for your application to be reviewed. Prior to enrolling at the UO, submit a final official transcript confirming graduation and showing all academic course work. If you have completed dual-enrollment or college (post-secondary) we would need a copy of your official college or dual-enrollment transcript prior to enrollment.

Effective with applicants for fall 2021 or beyond, submitting scores from the SAT/ACT is now optional for admission to Clark Honors College and the University of Oregon. Many students will still provide scores, so if you do send them, we prefer scores to be sent directly from the testing service. We also accept scores reported on official high school transcripts. The University of Oregon school code number for the SAT Reasoning Test is 4846; our code for the ACT is 3498.


Do I have to send in my test scores and high school transcripts again to the CHC even though I already sent them to the UO? 

No. The UO Admissions office shares official test scores and high school transcripts with us, so you only need to submit those documents once.  


I had my test scores and transcripts sent in a few weeks ago, but I do not see that the items have been marked complete. Do I need to send them again? 

It is likely that your test scores and transcripts have been received but not yet processed. Especially during peak periods, it can take two weeks or more for UO Admissions to process the documentation. After they have added the information to your electronic record, we will be able to access the information in the honors college. 


How can I check the status of my Clark Honors College application? 

To check the status of your application for admission to the Clark Honors College, visit your Application Status Portal.


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I have received my decision letter from the UO, when will I receive one from the Clark Honors College? 

If you applied for Early Action by November, then your CHC admissions decision notifications will be sent by December 15th. 

If you applied for Regular Notification by January then your CHC admissions decision notifications will be sent by April 1st at the latest. 


If I am not accepted to Clark Honors College, can I still attend the University of Oregon? 

Yes, if you have been offered admission to the University of Oregon. The UO and CHC conduct separate admission reviews, and whether or not you are offered admission to the CHC has no impact on whether or not you are offered admission to the UO. Students who were not offered admission to CHC can (and do) successfully attend the UO. 


I have already been admitted to the University of Oregon. Can I still transfer into the Clark Honors College? 

Yes, we do accept applications from current students who are already enrolled at the University of Oregon. You will be applying as a “lateral transfer.” Lateral transfer students can now apply for admission fall, winter, or spring terms; we do not offer summer term admission. Please see the page on applying as a transfer student for more information.  


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