Your First Year

Your First Year

Welcome to the Clark Honors College class of 2024! You become a part of our community even before classes begin.

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Check These Off Your List As Soon As Possible

You're a Duck! You've been admitted and are planning on enrolling at the University of Oregon and in the Clark Honors College in the fall. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row and get things done by the deadlines listed below.

Freshman Admissions Checklist

Your First Assignment 

When You're Admitted: Register for Housing

Clark Honors College students are given priority registration for the Global Scholars Hall (GSH) and nearby Justice Bean Hall. The honors college's Academic Residential Community (ARC) has a home in both locations, where returning students working as resident assistants are also students in the honors college, and events and programming on the evenings and weekends cater to CHC students.
Most first-year CHC students choose to participate in the honors college ARC, however you do not have to. Some honors college students choose instead to participate in one of the many other ARCs offered by the UO, or in the Carnegie Global Oregon First-Year Interest Group (FIG), which is a residential community located in a different residence hall. That's okay. Even if you don't live at GSH or Bean you can still participate in the honors college events that take place there.

Global Scholars Hall

Dorm room in Global Scholars Hall
global scholars hall library commons
Global Scholars Hall

By September 1st: Let Us Know You're Joining Us

You're admitted, but are you planning to attend? Let us know by completing your Intent To Register (ITR) for both the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College on DuckWeb by September 1st.

By June 30th: Sign up for IntroDUCKtion

IntroDUCKtion is the summer orientation program for new students and their families to become acquainted with the University of Oregon and the Clark Honors College. During IntroDUCKtion you will meet with an academic advisor and sign up for fall term classes. As a CHC student, you MUST attend one of the six sessions in July that are designated for honors college students:

Here are the dates for 2020:


  • July 12-14
  • July 15-17
  • July 19-21
  • July 22-24
  • July 26-28
  • July 29-31


Registration opens May 18th. 

Complete IntroDUCKtion information is available through Student Orientation Programs. Space is available on a first-come, first serve basis, so sign up early through DuckWeb!

A separate orientation program is available to Hawaiian residents through Student Orientation Programs.

What If I Can't Make It?

If you are unable to attend IntroDUCKtion in July, you will need to attend IntroDUCKtion in September, just prior to the start of classes.  Registration for September IntroDUCKtion will be available in August.


You're Almost There

It's now time to become acquainted with the UO campus and the Clark Honors College, and have opportunities to discuss university life with current students and faculty and staff members.
Flock Party
Student Orientation


July: Attend IntroDUCKtion

This summer orientation program is a great way to meet other incoming students and get familiar with campus before classes start in the fall. During IntroDUCKtion you will meet with your faculty advisor, sign up for your Clark Honors Introductory Program (CHIP), and register for your fall classes.

Tuesday, September 24: Early Move-In

As a Clark Honors College student you may move into on-campus housing on September 24, prior to the standard university move-in day on September 27. This early move-in happens the day before the CHC's new student orientation (NSO) begins to give you a chance to get settled.

You will be charged a daily fee by UO Housing for each of the three days that you are in the residence hall prior to normal university move-in. This fee includes meals and generally ranges from $48 to $85 per day, depending on the room type and meal plan you have signed up for.

students moving in to residence halls
students moving in to residence halls
students moving in to residence halls

September 25: CHC New Student Orientation (NSO)

This orientation, specific to Clark Honors College students, will introduce you to other new students, honors college faculty and staff, your CHIP group, and returning student CHIP leader. You will engage in group discussions, learn about opportunities and resources available to you, and eat some ice cream.

September 27-30: Week of Welcome

celebration to get the year started off right! You will join the rest of the university's incoming students for sporting events and interest group sessions, all ending with convocation, when you are officially inducted as a member of the university community.

Ducks forming the O at the Flock Party 


Try Everything

“Find every excuse not to just sit in a room as a first-year student. Go try everything and then decide what you like best.”
—Hannah Fuller, BS '15

Meet With Your CHC Faculty Advisor

You must meet with your CHC faculty advisor at least once during your first fall term. They will check in with you to make sure you're settling, that you're doing well in your classes, and connect you to resources across campus.

Clark Honors College Student Association, 2015 Officers

Go to a CHC Student Association Meeting

The Clark Honors College Student Association (CHCSA) cultivates a sense of community within the Clark Honors College. Events and opportunities are aimed at creating new friendships, not only between students, but also between students and faculty, and between students and the community at large. Weekly meetings are open to all honors college students!

Visit Office Hours

The number one piece of advice graduates say they wish they had gotten as new students is "go to office hours!" All of your professors post their office hours each term, so go—ask questions, listen closely, and establish a rapport with faculty members who want to see you succeed.

UO Diplomas

When You're Ready—Declare a Major

There are 77 undergraduate majors available to you at the University of Oregon. Go ahead and pick one, or two, or three! If you are still exploring your options you do not have to declare a major right away, but we do suggest that you have one lined up by the end of your second year.

Visit the Registrar's Office for information on how to declare your major.

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It's a Bit of a Balancing Act

You are a superstar in the classroom, but we want you to be well-rounded and make the most of your college experience. That means getting involved outside of the classroom as well. There are so many things to do at the University of Oregon, we're sure you will find something that is the right fit for you.