Assistant Dean of Advising

Elizabeth Raisanen, PhD

As assistant dean of advising for the Clark Honors College, Dr. Raisanen collaborates with colleagues across campus to assist CHC students with their advising needs.

She develops advising resources and programming; mentors CHC students; provides support for students who wish to apply for distinguished scholarships and fellowships; and provides weekly updates with advising tips, deadlines, and opportunities to honors college students.

Elizabeth Raisanen

Director of First-Year Experience

Angela Rovak, PhD

As Director of First-Year Experience for the Clark Honors College, Dr. Rovak dedicates her time to ensuring all new and incoming CHC students have a successful first year.

She provides office hours for first-year students, answering questions on CHC requirements, assisting with four-year planning, distributing information on scholarships and other campus resources, and helping students build time-management and other study skills. Dr. Rovak also coordinates the CHC’s Peer Mentor program, and she is the Faculty Director of the CHC’s Academic Residential Community.


Angela Rovak

Second-Year Advisor

Dulce Castro

As Second-Year Advisor for the Clark Honors College, Dulce supports CHC students with their academic and career goals as they navigate their second year at UO.

She provides office hours for second-year students, answering questions on CHC requirements, assisting with four-year planning, providing referrals to career-readiness services on campus, as well as building and leading career-readiness initiatives within the CHC.


Dulce Castro


CHC Faculty Advisors

Beginning in their second year, every CHC student is assigned to a Clark Honors College Faculty Advisor who provides academic advising on the CHC’s curriculum, four-year planning, getting involved with research, and the thesis process. Email if you need to be reminded of who your CHC Faculty Advisor is. Email your CHC Faculty Advisor directly to find out how to make an appointment with them.


Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are here to help first-year CHC students navigate the often unclear and confusing moments that arise during everyone's academic journey. More so than that, they are here to help support you and offer their personal perspectives and experiences on a myriad of aspects of student life including the CHC curriculum and requirements, how to balance your schedule, how to get involved in campus, and how to find resources to help alleviate other concerns.


Advising for Undeclared/Exploring Students

Haven't landed on a major yet? Wonderful! Now is the time to explore all the opportunities open to you. Try an anthropology class here, a marine biology class there, and talk to current honors college students. Every major at the University of Oregon is represented within the CHC student body, so getting answers to your questions is only a matter of asking.

The University's Office of Academic Advising specialize in advising students who are still exploring possible majors. Schedule an appointment with them directly if you would like to speak with an advisor about various options as you prepare to declare a major.


Advising In Your Major

When you declare a major you will be assigned to work with an advising team that specializes in your major. These advisors are best positioned to give guidance and advice on anything and everything related to successful completion of your major. For information on how to balance your major with coursework in the Clark Honors College, check in with your CHC advisor.


Degree Guide

Your Degree Guide is found in DuckWeb and is used to document your progress toward fulfilling the graduation requirements of both the Clark Honors College and your chosen major. The guide is designed to assist you in course planning and degree tracking, but it is not an official guarantee of degree completion. It is not always easy to interpret the guide, so you should consult with advisors in the CHC and your major department to discuss your Degree Guide and verify progress through your degree requirements.


CHC Emergency Bridge Funding 

Students who suddenly find themselves in financial crisis and/or changed financial circumstances may formally apply to the CHC for Emergency Bridge Funding for CHC differential tuition for one term. Additional information and application instructions can be found on the CHC’s student Canvas site.


Permanent Leave from Clark Honors College

Once you’ve matriculated, if you decide that the Clark Honors College isn’t right for you, please visit the CHC’s Canvas site for more information about ​the actions you need to take to process a permanent leave from the CHC. The permanent leave process must be completed by 11:59 p.m. on Friday of Week One for a CHC differential tuition refund for that term. Please note that CHC differential tuition will not be refunded for terms preceding leave.


Advising Resources & Tools​

The AEC is dedicated to facilitating and supporting accessible education through access and full inclusion of students with disabilities into the university environment. This is accomplished through effective collaborations/consultations with faculty/staff, proactive advising, and the fostering of systemic campus change. The AEC works to create and sustain physical, curricular, and informational environments that are informed by and responsive to the diverse characteristics and experiences of students with disabilities and variations of ability.

The University of Oregon recognizes that student success is impacted by unmet basic needs such as food security and housing security. The campus and community resources in this Guide are intended to support your well-being so that you can meet your academic goals!

The University Career Center exists to provide career and job search services and resources to UO students and alumni. Our mission is to help you develop long-term career goals and strategies, facilitate self-exploration and discovery, connect with potential employers, and empower and challenge you to fulfill your potential. 

Student Advising.  Our mission is to promote student retention and persistence for historically underrepresented and underserved populations.

We help you navigate moments that are not easy to talk about—struggling academically, navigating personal relationships, what it's like to live with mental health concerns. It can seem like you are the only one dealing with these issues, but you are not alone. 

The Office of the Dean of Students is here to create a welcoming, inclusive university campus for you. We encourage and advocate for our diverse communities through a variety of organizations and programs to connect you with other Ducks.

Our allied programs offer comprehensive support to students exploring and participating in undergraduate research and distinguished scholarship opportunities with a particular focus on fostering a culture of inquiry and faculty engagement within residential learning communities.

Apply for financial aid, learn about scholarships, or meet with a counselor for financial advising. 

Learn about study abroad opportunities.

The university's portal for finding and applying for jobs and internships.

We provide comprehensive medical services and public health leadership to enhance your personal success. Whether you need assistance with allergies, colds, physical injuries, immunizations, sexual health, dental care, or more—we are here to resolve your health concerns and help you make the most of your college experience.

We are a lounge, resource center, study area, and events venue.  The Mills International Center is a place for everyone.  All UO students – both international and US American – are welcome!

A web portal to many resources for students

PathwayOregon is a promise that tuition and fees for academically qualified, Federal Pell Grant eligible Oregonians will be covered by federal, state, and university grants and scholarships for four years. Students also receive the academic and personal support that will enable them to succeed and graduate from the UO within twelve terms.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for academic and classroom scheduling, student registration, enrollment verification, grading and academic records maintenance, transfer credit articulation, degree audits, monitoring undergraduate general education requirements, degree awarding, course evaluations, student data/statistical analysis, veterans benefits, FERPA compliance, and transcript services. 

The University of Oregon Testing Center is responsible for the administration, scoring, and maintaining of records for a wide range of tests (but not COVID tests!) administered to University of Oregon students and community members. We work closely with the student population by disseminating information, advising students, and administering exams.

SSS helps undergraduates meet the rigors of higher education and graduate from UO. The program is designed for students whose socioeconomic backgrounds, educational records, and personal situations suggest they may experience challenges at the UO that could be alleviated with use of resources offered by SSS.

Our program helps UO students enhance their learning and success through tutoring, classes and workshops, individual consultations, graduate school test prep and supplemental instruction.

Find an Advisor, Explore Majors, Stay on Track.