Scholar - Fall 2017

Ducks Give

News Bites

The latest happenings around the CHC

We welcome a new Advisory Council Chair, celebrate #DucksGive, and learn a bit about medieval combat.


2017 Thesis Award Winners

Exemplary theses from 2017 graduates

Prize-winning theses evoke comments from advisors such as “a model for future students”; “deserves to be published as a scholarly article”; “comparable to doctoral work”; “stunning”.

 In the Classroom

Rejoice at Weeds and Spiders

Eco Literature Class Embraces the Natural World

In the process of asking “how does the human mind conceive of and express nature?” we are reflecting on how we see: such exploration reveals a consciousness and conscience for what it means to be human.

Fossils on table

From Sabertooths to Bivalves

A Photo Syllabus of Samatha Hopkin's Course "Paleontology of Oregon"

Hopkins’ classes offer students “a virtual field-trip into an exotic location, while giving them the opportunity to read and analyze current research.”

Jim Shephard

Success Comes in Fours

A professor takes group projects to a new level with his fall colloquium

With Jim Shephard’s upcoming fall colloquium, “Big Problems and Bold Solutions,” the title says it all.


Muslims in the US

Photo Exhibit

The exhibit invites the audience to read the narratives along with the photos and explore the agency of interviewees in exploring the multiplicity of their identities.

Tim Williams

Tim Williams

A Timely Appointment

After serving as a visiting faculty member in the honors college for three years, Tim Williams joins the college’s permanent faculty beginning this fall.


Alyssa Goessler

Hard-won Success

Persistence, and Deep Self-Reflection, Pave the Road to the United Nations

While she is proud of her academic successes, Goessler says her single greatest accomplishment was learning how to cope and live with mental health challenges while being a full-time student.

David Reiter

It Started at the Honors College

How a Passion for Poetry Sparked a Life's Journey

Award-winning creator of poetry, prose, children’s, and digital projects, Dr. David Reiter ‘70 is Publisher and CEO at Interactive Publications Pty Ltd.

Ducks baseball player

Class of 1967 50th Reunion

A look at the Clark Honors College in 1967

During the class of 1967’s senior year at the university, The Beatles ruled music sales with Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band, the miniskirt was in full swing, and gas cost 33 cents per gallon.



Sarah Hovet

Updating History

Writing About the Women Who Made Me Want to be a Writer

The Art + Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-thon aims to “generate coverage of women and the arts on Wikipedia” and to “encourage female editorship.”

Canadian-American flags

Field Notes

A Student Journalist, International Politics, and a Human Connection

I just got back to my room after breakfast at the café downstairs. The first thing the waitress asked me, “Did you hear about the folks who showed up in the middle of the night?”

Caitlyn Wong

Spotlight On: Student Athletes

Clark Honors College Student Athletes

Blending top-tier athletics with top-tier academics through the Clark Honors College, these students are determined to have it all.


Caitlyn Kari

Caitlyn Kari, Editor, Publisher

As director of communications for the Clark Honors College, Caitlyn works with a team of student interns, as well as faculty and alumni, to develop content for the Scholar that represents the broader honors college community. Much of the credit for this publication goes to the three students below — getting to work with them is always the best part of Caitlyn’s day.

Mark Nelson

Mark Nelson, Graphic Designer, Writer - Class of 2020

Mark is a sophomore studying sports marketing and multimedia communications. Having grown up in Portland, Oregon, he is an avid local sports fan and adventure enthusiast. He has thoroughly enjoyed his time on campus — playing sports, exploring Oregon, attending and working athletic events, and working for the honors college. Mark was responsible for all layout and design of this issue of the Scholar.

Isabella Garcia

Isabella Garcia, Writer, Web Developer - Class of 2019

Isabella Garcia is a junior studying traditional written journalism and multimedia communications, with a minor in computer information technology. She enjoys combining traditional and modern communication techniques to create multifaceted and engaging stories and hopes to make a career out of it. Isabella developed the Scholar’s digital home on the honors college website, and wrote several stories.

Derek Maiolo

Derek Miaolo, Writer, Photographer - Class of 2018

Derek grew up in the mountains of Northwest Colorado, but he descended to the Willamette Valley to be near the ocean and get a break from the snow. He is a journalism student who gets outside any chance he can get — be it kayaking, hiking, or mountain biking. Derek is responsible for several of the stories in this issue, with particular note to an autobiographical piece: Field Notes.