CHC Grading Standards

Adopted Spring 2024

CHC policy statement on grades

  • CHC courses are graded on the same standards as other UO courses, although their learning outcomes may be more rigorous and their expectations of students may be higher.
  • CHC instructors adopt diverse grading philosophies just as they adopt diverse teaching methods, learning objectives, and substantive academic content.
  • Grades and weightings of individual assignments are aligned with the learning objectives of each course.
  • CHC instructors employ the full range of grades from A to F as described below. CHC encourages instructors to articulate further distinctions among A+, A, A-, B+, B (etc.) grades on their syllabi.
  • CHC instructors who use quantitative (e.g. 100-point) grading systems align them with the qualitative standards below.

Meanings of grades

A+: Truly exceptional work, distinguished by unusual originality, rigor, effort, and/or initiative. The A+ grade is rare as a final course grade.

A: Work that, in addition to being well executed and reasonably free of errors, distinguishes itself by the excellence of its grasp of the material and of the assignment’s/course’s objectives.

B: Work that demonstrates command of the material and satisfies the assignment’s/course’s objectives.

C: Work that demonstrates a rudimentary grasp of the material and satisfies at least some of the assignment’s/course’s objectives.

D: Work that demonstrates a poor grasp of the material and/or is executed with little regard for the assignment’s/course’s objectives.

F: Work that is weak in every aspect and/or disregards the assignment’s/course’s objectives.