Language Study Requirement

Students may use 12 credits of coursework in a language other than English taken at the University of Oregon or through a University of Oregon study abroad or exchange program to satisfy the CHC Electives requirement.

In order to satisfy the CHC Electives Requirement using language coursework:

  • You must complete at least 12 credits of language coursework 
  • All 12 credits must be in the same language.
  • All 12 credits must be taken at the UO or through a UO-sponsored study abroad or exchange program

Coursework at any level (from 100-level to 400-level) can apply.

Please note:

  • Credits CAN double-dip with Bachelor of Arts (or other Bachelor degree) requirements, major requirements, and/or minor requirements.
  • Credits may be taken graded or pass/no pass.
  • The option to use language courses to fulfill the CHC Electives requirement supports students studying languages at the UO, including students in high credit majors who might otherwise not have time to do so. While transfer, AP, or IB credits will typically fulfill degree, major, or minor language requirements, they do not count towards the CHC Electives requirement.
  • Students who wish to further their study of a language for which classes are not regularly offered at UO are encouraged to contact the Yamada Language Center to explore credit-bearing self-study options. 
  • Students who complete 12 credits of required AEIS coursework may request to have those credits fulfill the CHC Electives requirement.

If you have taken language coursework that you believe should fulfill the CHC Electives requirement (e.g., Old English, self-study through the Yamada Language Center, etc.) but your degree guide does not show it as applying please contact your CHC advisor.