A Diverse Community

We the students, faculty, and staff of the Clark Honors College are committed to nurturing a diverse community.

When we learn from each other, and are exposed to ideas we may not have thought of before, it makes us better citizens, able to engage in thoughtful and critical discussion about our world and our role in it.

We do not condone any form of racism, homophobia, misogyny, ableism, xenophobia, or religious prejudice within our community, and will treat each other with kindness, reserving judgment, and recognize that we are greatly enriched by our diversity.

Diversity Action Plan

The college's Diversity Action Plan has been built around the five pillars of inclusion, diversity, evaluation, achievement, and leadership. The plan identifies specific tactics, measures, resources, and lead personnel over a three-year timeline to advance the college's goals of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all; increasing the representation of diverse students, faculty, and staff; facilitating access to achievement, success, and recognition for underrepresented students, faculty, staff, and alumni; and prioritizing the incorporation of diversity, equity, and inclusion in college plans and actions at the leadership level.

CHC Diversity Action Plan

Clark Honors College Values Diversity and Promotes Inclusivity: Read our stories


Diversity Action Committee

The committee understands the concept of diversity in the broadest terms, including, but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, ability, class, and other areas of social equality. Following the University of Oregon IDEAL Framework, the committee understands that diversity is a goal of the entire university community.

Faculty and staff committee members will serve two-year terms. Following CHC Student Association practice, student members will serve on the committee the length of their elected CHCSA positions, typically for one year.

The committee is charged to:

  • Create and cultivate an environment that enables faculty, staff, and students to feel safe, respected, and empowered
  • Create and promote opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to enhance their understanding and sensitivity of diversity, identity, and accessibility
  • Promote hiring of diverse staff as well as faculty who research and teach diverse and inclusive curricula
  • Promote recruiting and retaining diverse students

Broadening Our Perspectives

Clark Honors College students and faculty desire classroom experiences that approach society, culture, history, and the natural world from multiple, intersecting modes of academic inquiry. Our liberal arts curriculum teaches students how to think critically about a range of subjects. We strive to cultivate deep and intentional attention to, and comfort with, the diversity and complexity of human society and culture. Additionally, many students and faculty members pursue individual research and scholarship centered around surfacing diverse viewpoints and examining areas of interest from diverse perspectives.



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