CHC Graduation Celebration 2024

Birdseye view of graduates in green gowns and mortarboard caps.

CHC Graduation Celebration 2024

Calling all members of the Clark Honors College Class of 2024!

The overall UO Commencement ceremony and many of the school and college ceremonies will be held on Monday, June 17. Clark Honors College will recognize our Class of 2024 in a Graduation Celebration:

Sunday, June 16 

2 p.m. to 4 p.m. 
Chapman Hall & McCaslin Lawn
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Graduation Checklist


Fill out the CHC Graduation Celebration participation form before May 1.

Filling out this form as soon as possible provides us with information needed to:

  • Include your name and thesis title in the CHC Graduation Celebration program book
  • Send printed invitations to two family members or guests of your choice
  • Create your CHC Certificate of Completion

Graduation Celebration Participation Form

NOTE: If we do not receive your information by the May 1 deadline, we will NOT be able to include your name in the program book.


Apply to graduate.

Applying for your degree is different than participating in commencement. 

  • Undergraduates must apply for Spring 2024 degrees via DuckWeb by April 28. (Student Menu ➞ Apply for Undergraduate Degree) 
  • All Summer/Fall 2024 graduates must apply for a Summer or Fall degree if they wish to walk in the 2024 UO Commencement ceremony.
  • Students who completed their undergraduate degree in Fall 2023 or Winter 2024 terms should already have applied for their degrees in DuckWeb. 

Apply to Graduate on DuckWeb


Purchase or rent your regalia, including CHC stole and CHC honor cords, by June 5.

Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the login page for
  2. Login with your email address (or create an account with your email address). If you are not signed in with your email address, you will not be able to purchase online.
  3.  Choose your graduation regalia package (package B is recommended) and customize the package's gown, kit, stole, and other options.  Departmental tassle colors.
  4. When you've completed customizing your regalia package, add it to your cart.
  5. Add  Royal Blue / Royal Blue honors cords to your cart.
  6. Navigate to cart checkout and acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Remember to wear your regalia to the CHC Graduation Celebration!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the structure of the CHC Graduation Celebration?

The CHC Graduation Celebration is an open house-style reception without set programming. Highlights of the event are: 

  • Graduates can pick up their CHC Certificate of Completion in the Shephard Family Library (Chapman 302). Acting Dean Carol Stabile will be in the library from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. for photos with the graduates. 
  • CHC core faculty will be stationed throughout Chapman and on McCaslin Lawn to meet your family and friends and share in the congratulations. 
  • Have a formal portrait taken with the CHC banner thanks to Grad Images. There will be plenty of informal photo opportunities as well. Please wear your regalia.
  • We’ll have thesis award winner posters displayed, as well as Latin Honors, Phi Beta Kappa, and Oregon Six electees. 
  • And to top it off, we will have live music and lots of tasty treats.

Why doesn’t the CHC have a traditional commencement ceremony?

CHC students typically participate in the commencement ceremony for their major department and the main UO Commencement ceremony. Diploma covers will be distributed at major department ceremonies. In addition, students may attend other celebrations for student programs. 

Because our students attend numerous ceremonies scheduled at various times across campus, the CHC holds an open house-style reception, enabling graduates and their families to participate at any point during the two-hour time of our event. Recent graduates and family members have let us know how much they appreciate having opportunity to connect one last time with faculty and staff in Chapman. 

Should I wear my gown to the CHC Graduation celebration?

Yes. Please wear all your regalia to the celebration. You’ll want to be properly decked out to get a formal photo taken with the official CHC banner. 

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can bring to the CHC Graduation Celebration? What about tickets? 

  • No tickets or RSVPs are needed, and you are welcome to bring as many guests as you like. 
  • We will send a printed celebration invitation to two guests per student. When you fill out the Graduation Celebration Participation Survey, you can enter the names and addresses of the guests you would like to have receive an invitation.  

Can I bring my dog to the CHC Graduation Celebration?

Service animals are welcome, but we ask that you and your guests leave pets at home.

What is the difference between graduation and commencement?

Graduation is the formal process that awards your degree. It is managed by the UO Registrar and takes place after all undergraduate degree requirements (including defending the CHC thesis) have been completed.

Commencement is a celebration recognizing students for finishing their undergraduate experience. Commencement ceremonies include the campus-wide UO ceremony as well as departmental and unit ceremonies. Students receive their diploma cover at their major department commencement ceremony. Students can participate in commencement ceremonies before they have completed their degrees.

Do I need to have my thesis defense scheduled to apply for graduation?

Students do not need to have scheduled their thesis defense to apply to graduate. Information about applying to graduate is available through the Registrar’s Office

Can I graduate from CHC/UO before I defend my thesis?

No. The CHC is not a separate entity from the University of Oregon, and because Honors College requirements (including the thesis) are the core education requirements for your UO degree, you cannot graduate until you have completed the thesis defense. 

Can I participate in UO Commencement and the CHC Graduation Celebration before I defend my thesis?

Yes. The thesis is a degree requirement and is treated in the same way as remaining coursework. If you plan to defend your thesis (and/or complete coursework) in Summer or Fall terms of the calendar year and you have applied to graduate in one of those terms, you may walk in the main UO Commencement ceremony and your school or college’s commencement ceremony, and participate in the CHC Graduation Celebration in June. (Students who already graduated the previous winter and fall terms are also welcome to participate in that academic year’s commencement celebrations.)

Will my name be included in the CHC Graduation Celebration Program Book?

  • If you complete the Graduation Celebration Participation Survey by May 1, we will include your name in the program book along with your thesis title. 
  • If you graduated during Fall 2023 or Winter 2024 term and plan to participate in commencement in June 2024, as long as you fill out the survey by May 1, your name will be included.
  • If you plan to complete your degree requirements during Summer 2024 or Fall 2024 and choose to commence in June 2024, as long as you fill out the survey by May 1, your name will be included. 

For example:

Donald Duck is scheduled for a thesis defense in May. Donald will complete all undergraduate requirements in June 2024. Donald has applied to graduate in June and plans to participate in the CHC Graduation Celebration. Donald’s name will appear in the program book, along with designation of having received departmental honors, Latin honors or PBK election.

Daisy Duck is planning a thesis defense in Fall 2024 but wants to participate in the CHC Graduation Celebration in June 2024. Daisy’s name and thesis title will appear in the program book, but departmental honors, final Latin honors and/or PBK election will not be indicated as those distinctions will not be awarded until Daisy actually graduates.

How are Latin Honors recognized in the CHC?

  • Latin Honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, etc.) are determined by the UO Registrar after the student has applied to graduate. 
  • Latin Honors designation for Commencement are based on the cumulative UO GPA at the end of Winter term. Final Latin Honors designation may be updated at the end of Spring term when the graduation application is processed.
  • If you choose to participate in commencement activities and the CHC Graduation Celebration in June but will defend your thesis and complete your degree requirements in the summer or fall, final Latin Honors designation will be calculated when your degree is awarded.
  • CHC includes the Latin Honors designation in the program book and on a poster displayed at the Graduation Celebration.
  • Students in the 3+3 program should refer to the guidance for 3+3 students below. 

How is Phi Beta Kappa Society election and Oregon Six recognized in the CHC?

Each May, the Alpha of Oregon Chapter Executive Committee evaluates the transcripts of students who will graduate in spring term or have graduated in the preceding three terms (Summer, Fall and Winter) and determines who will be inducted. Most of the inductees are seniors, but each year a few juniors are elected. The CHC receives the list of inductees in mid-May.

The PBK committee also determines the names of the Oregon Six. These are undergraduates who have demonstrated extraordinary scholarship and breadth of scholarship. CHC includes the PBK and Oregon Six designation in the program book and on a poster displayed at the Graduation Celebration.

  • Students who were inducted into PBK during their junior year will have PBK designation indicated in the program book for the year they graduate.
  • Students who are commencing in Spring but graduating in Summer or Fall will be considered for PBK induction the following academic year. 
  • Students in the 3+3 program should refer to the guidance for 3+3 students below. 

I’m in the 3+3 Program. When should I participate in commencement activities?

Students in the 3+3 Program can participate in the UO Commencement Ceremony and the CHC Graduation Celebration prior to graduating with their undergraduate degree. They can participate either at the end of their third year, or when they actually graduate sometime during law school. 

Most 3+3 students choose to participate in undergraduate commencement activities at the end of the academic year during which they finish their undergraduate degree (most frequently, this is at the end of 1L or 2L). 

However, if students choose to participate in commencement early (at the end of the third year, before entering law school), final Latin Honors designation and possibly Phi Beta Kappa may not be recognized, as those distinctions are not awarded until the year the students actually graduate. 

Students who wish to commence at the end of the third year of the 3+3 program should submit a summer term application to graduate so they will receive information about the university’s commencement ceremonies. They will then need to withdraw that application later on. They should also notify the CHC Events Coordinator that they plan to participate in the Graduation Celebration so that they will be sent the link to the Graduation Celebration Participation Form.

How are Departmental Honors recognized in the CHC?

Students are asked to indicate if they expect to receive departmental honors when they complete the Graduation Celebration Participation Survey