3+3: Six Years to a Law Degree

The 3+3 Program enables highly talented and motivated honors college students interested in a legal career to complete both a Bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor at the University of Oregon. By accepting the first year of law school course work as the final year of undergraduate study, the 3+3 program shaves a full year from the typical 7-year path to a Juris Doctor.

To participate in the program, you will need to be on track to complete most of your honors college and major requirements by the end of your junior year.

No application form or prior commitment is required for Clark Honors College students to participate. If you decide at any point that the program is no longer right for you, simply continue on with your undergraduate coursework and graduate in four years with a Bachelor’s degree.

Benefits of the 3+3 Program

  • Save a year’s tuition and living expenses associated with undergraduate education
  • Get a jump on starting a professional career
  • Avoid the time, effort, and expense of applying to multiple law schools

If you are interested in learning more about the 3+3 program and whether it is the right fit for you, contact CHC's director of undergraduate advising.

“This program gives forward-thinking CHC students the room to explore diverse interests rather than having to be laser-focused on aligning their coursework for a competitive law school application. The result will be well rounded individuals, positioned to make significant contributions to our society and culture through this innovative academic partnership.”

— Elizabeth Raisanen, CHC Assistant Dean of Advising and Strategic Partnerships

Oregon Law Top-Ranked Programs 

Oregon Law is one of only eight public law schools in the nation with three or more top-ranked programs:
  • #1 Legal Writing and Research
  • #7 Environmental Law
  • #9 Alternative Dispute Resolution

The #2-ranked law school in the Pacific Northwest (U.S. News and World Report), Oregon Law is the smallest public law school in the West, and the top law school in Oregon, with campuses in both Eugene and Portland. 

Graduates are employed everywhere: law firms and judgeships, corporations and nonprofits, local and federal government, in education, and human services. Find the path that's right for you.

Visit Oregon Law

How Does It Work?

3 Years to a Bachelor’s Degree:

You will spend your first three years enrolled in undergraduate courses fulfilling the requirements of Clark Honors College, and your majors and minors. By the end of your third year you will have completed all undergraduate requirements except for one elective colloquium and your thesis defense.

Although students with any major or combination of majors are allowed to participate in the 3+3 program, some undergraduate majors require coursework that cannot be completed in three years and are, therefore, incompatible with the program. If you are interested in participating you should discuss your academic plans with your CHC advisor as early as possible to ensure you will be able to complete the required coursework for your chosen major in three years.

Apply to Law School:

You will take the LSAT and apply for admission to the Law School during your third year. The Law School will waive application fees for students applying for admission through the 3+3 program. All CHC students who meet the following criteria will be guaranteed admission to the Law School:

  • You have an LSAT score that is at least one point above the median LSAT score for the prior year’s entering class at the Law School
  • At the time of application, you have a cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5, and maintain that minimum prior to beginning Law School courses
  • You have completed a minimum of 136.5 undergraduate credits at the time of matriculation into Law School
  • You have no criminal arrests or convictions that would make you otherwise ineligible for admission to the Bar upon graduation from the Law School

Year 4 – Dual Enrollment:

If you are accepted to the Law School, you will begin taking law courses in your fourth year. Up to 48 quarter credits of coursework completed during the first year of Law School can be transferred back to count toward the Bachelor’s degree as elective credits, which should fulfill all requirements for completion of your Bachelor’s degree.

You may also complete your CHC thesis during the first year of Law School, which will also be used to fulfill the Law School’s writing requirement. This timing gives you an entire calendar year, including the summer after your third year, to write the thesis. Your Primary Thesis Advisor will be a professor in your undergraduate major, and a Law School faculty member will serve as the second reader. 

If, due to the rigorous nature of the first-year Law curriculum, you do not complete your thesis in the fourth year, you will have until winter term of the sixth year of the program to successfully complete and defend your thesis. Upon the successful defense of your thesis, you will be awarded your Bachelor’s degree and will be eligible to participate in CHC graduation ceremonies. 

Years 5 and 6 – Law Student:

After you have completed your Bachelor's degree, all that remains is to complete the degree requirements necessary for your Juris Doctor.

“The partnership between the School of Law and Clark Honors College, two highly respected programs in Oregon and around the country, offers an outstanding opportunity for motivated and focused students to efficiently and affordably achieve their educational goals.”

— Professor Michael Moffitt, Oregon Law

Tuition, Scholarships and Financial Aid

You will pay university undergraduate tuition and fees while enrolled in undergraduate courses, and Law School tuition and fees while enrolled in Law School courses.

Internal University of Oregon merit-based scholarships that you may have received for undergraduate studies, such as the Summit, Presidential, Apex, and Diversity Excellence Scholarships, may be extended through the fourth year of study when you are enrolled as a law student if you are also finishing requirements for your undergraduate degree – pending approval from the Financial Aid Office.

Internal UO undergraduate scholarships will not be extended beyond the fourth year of the 3+3 program, even if you take more than four years to complete the Bachelor’s degree. Any federal or state financial aid that you may have received for undergraduate studies will not be transferred to the Law School.

Prior to enrolling at the Law School, you should apply for scholarships and financial aid specific to law students.

Nicole Meyer is first graduate of the CHC 3+3 law degree program

Getting a law degree is already a huge accomplishment, but Nicole Meyer is celebrating another milestone too as she joins the class of 2020: she is the first-ever graduate of the CHC’s 3+3: Six Years to a Law Degree program.

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