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Collegiate Advocacy, Research, and Debate (CARD) is a format of debate that features accessible communication aimed at general audiences. Each year, CARD students are given a central topic for competition. This year’s is U.S. nuclear weapons policy. Past topics include criminal justice reform, housing affordability, and the digital Fourth Amendment.

This debate format features a community library—analogous to a course packet—that helps to constructively focus student debates and limit the range of arguments for which students must prepare.

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CARD tournaments are designed to make it possible for students to participate in rigorous debate without sacrificing either their studies or their pursuit of other enriching educational experiences while at the university. Tournaments are held on weekends.   

Universities and colleges across the country that participate in CARD debate include: University of Minnesota, Arizona State University, University of Puget Sound, Gonzaga University, Western Washington University, CSU-Fullerton, CSU-Long Beach, Missouri State University, Weber State University, University of Vermont, and University of Miami.

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CARD Schedule for 2023-24

Oregon CARD practices are held every Wednesday evening from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in Room 125 McKenzie Hall. 

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Nov. 10-12: University of Puget Sound

Dec. 2-3: Missouri State   
(Online tournament)

Jan. 19-22: USC

Feb. 16-18: Western Washington University

March 7-11: Debate + Conference in Washington, D.C.    
(Selected students travel to Washington to meet with advocates and leaders working on the academic year’s topic of U.S. nuclear weapons policy and participate in group discussions.)

April 12-14: Western Washington University   
(Student conference and tournament)