Forensics News

Honors College students made up most of the UO contingent on a student trip to DC for Oregon's debate team. The group got to experience how the policy they research for debates is made.
In recent weeks Oregon Forensics has performed at a very high level with plans to host important tournaments in the near future and attendance at prestigious tournaments on the near horizon.
CHC students in the debate and mock trial program step into real world with the skills that help them succeed in life.
Three students on the Oregon debate team talk about how they found the program, where they hope it will take them, and their pre-debate routine, including the best breakfast and what's on their pump-up playlist.
Anna Mueller, a junior in public relations, excels in mock trial—court simulations pitting schools against each other in a contest of critical thinking, public speaking, and knowledge of legal practice.
CHC senior and Wayne Morse Scholar Emily Fowler that without CHC’s supportive community, she never would have applied to the prestigious Venture for America (VFA) fellowship.
Oregon Forensics, the program that includes mock trial, was founded just one week after the university opened its doors in 1876 and has a rich history that includes participating in the first radio debate, the first televised debate, and the first debate tour.
The University of Oregon Forensics Program is ranked among the best in the country and is nearly as old as the UO itself, with as storied a history as any program at the university. It may be the most successful UO program you’ve never heard of.
Clark Honors College senior and mock trial President Niharika Sachdeva is about to graduate from the University of Oregon, but her name, along with her ambition, will be remembered for years to come.