Call for Affiliated Faculty


Chapman Hall on the University of Oregon Campus

The Robert D. Clark Honors College (CHC) invites proposals from University of Oregon career and tenure-related faculty to teach courses in 2024-25. The review of applications will begin on December 18, 2023, but we will accept applications until the CHC has concluded the appointment process for 2024-25. The majority of the schedule is expected to be set by March 2024, but teaching opportunities may arise throughout the year and interested faculty should reach out to inquire regarding openings. 

The Clark Honors College provides opportunities for faculty across the curriculum to teach innovative and engaging small-format (maximum 19 students) seminars on topics of their choosing. In the context of the CHC learning community, faculty can translate their research to the classroom, bring an interdisciplinary perspective to their fields, or experiment with a new pedagogical approach that might inform and enhance their teaching in their home unit.  

Our liberal arts core education curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and analysis, engaged discussion, and written and oral communication skills. It incorporates 200-level and 400-level disciplinary courses alongside interdisciplinary first-year seminars and 300-level research courses. Attention to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion—in course design and/or content—is a priority. For more information about the CHC curriculum please see the CHC Teaching site on the platform (if you do not have access, please complete this form and you will be added).

Please direct questions about teaching in the CHC to Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Daphne Gallagher (

Application Instructions and Submission Materials

Applicants should plan on teaching the proposed course themselves and must hold a terminal degree in their field of study prior to the start of the 2024-25 academic year. All proposals will undergo a competitive review process by the CHC Curriculum Committee. The committee will consider the following criteria: 

  • The applicant’s track-record of successful and innovative teaching and/or innovative pedagogical practices 
  • The course’s contributions to equity and inclusion, either through course content or inclusive pedagogical approach
  • The disciplinary grounding and interdisciplinary approaches utilized in the course and its contributions to the balance of the CHC curriculum
  • The incorporation of active learning strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented by a small class format
  • The commitment to developing students’ written and oral communication and critical reading and thinking skills

Please be aware that preference will be given to TTF applicants.

Course proposals must be submitted via the Clark Honors College Affiliated Faculty Course Proposal online form. Along with the application, please upload the following documents as a single combined PDF file: 

  • Academic CV
  • Description of the Proposed Course 
    • Option A: If a version of the course has previously been taught either in the CHC or a different context, please attach the full syllabus, note the preferred/possible course level(s), and include a brief statement on how the course might be adapted to the CHC context.
    • Option B: If you are proposing a new class, please write a brief 1-2 page proposal that includes the following information:
      • Course title and preferred/possible course level(s), flexibility encouraged!
      • Course description (250 words max)
      • Summary list of topics to be covered (if not included in course description)
      • 1-2 examples each of the kinds of readings and graded work that might be assigned
      • Brief discussion (250 words max) of how the course will take advantage of the small CHC class size (e.g., classroom pedagogies, writing-intensive assignments, types of projects and presentations, etc.)
      • In addition to the course proposal, an example of a full syllabus and/or an assignment from a class you have taught previously to help the committee get a sense of your pedagogical approach.

Faculty with questions about the online submission process should contact Daphne Gallagher at

Note: A limited number of Inside-Out classes are offered through the honors college in partnership with the Prison Education Program. Affiliated faculty applications from faculty interested in teaching an Inside-Out course through the honors college should clearly indicate 

  • If they would be interested in teaching an on-campus version of the proposed course if there are no Inside-Out openings 
  • If they have previously taught classes through the Inside-Out Program. Faculty who have not taught an Inside-Out course at the University of Oregon must meet with Shaul Cohen (, Prison Education Program Director, to learn about the required training and expectations for Inside-Out faculty prior to submitting their application to the CHC.