Meet CHC's faculty

CHC core faculty member Casey Shoop reflects on life, literature and grieving.
In The Sisterhood: How A Network of Black Women Writers Changed American Culture, Courtney Thorsson, faculty-in-residence at the Clark Honors College, tells their story in a critically acclaimed book that has been called a model for literary histories.
Five new courses aim to diversify and expand the honors college curriculum this winter.
Through chemistry, Rebecca Altman saw the world in a new light, as well as resilience in times of self-doubt. Now, she leads a new generation to a love of science.
As a kid, he devoured Stephen King. After catching the writing bug, Ulrick Casimir is flourishing as a teacher who brings creativity into his CHC classroom.
Professor Nicole Dahmen explores how to improve the ways journalism and mass media serve the community, while also teaching students to consume them critically.
In courses on eclipses and black holes, Jesse Feddersen wants his students to be able to grasp the wonders of outer space the way he did growing up in Indiana.
Ellen Fitzpatrick, a Fulbright Scholar, brings solutions to the table and then listens. She encourages her students to be a force for good in their own ways.
Instructor Tobin Hansen found his educational passion when he left Gates, Oregon for the first time as a teen. But it was the Spanish he picked up in his hometown that eventually led him to discover anthropology.
Associate Professor Robert Mauro is a pilot, a problem solver, and a psychologist who wants to make a difference with his interdisciplinary research.
Art professor Christopher Michlig’s version of teaching can be a bit messy, but in breaking down the professor-student relationship, learning becomes a two-way street.
Courtney Thorsson’s new book opens a window into the lives of Black women writers. It’s an expression of her efforts to celebrate the transformative power of this genre of American literature.
Lydia Van Dreel’s lifelong love of brass instruments makes a meaningful impression on CHC students, whom they invite to explore music through sense and emotion.
Art, Italy and understanding the human condition all guide this CHC professor as she helps students see what’s truly important in life.
The CHC associate professor's childhood influences how he engages with students.
CHC instructor Jessica Price owes her success in law and higher education to the women who helped shape her.
For this CHC instructor, the ocean has always been calling.
Poetry, writing, and reading are what makes this celebrated CHC professor tick.
Don't check your identity at the door in classes taught by this CHC Associate Professor.
The CHC music professor talks about his favorites, his approach to teaching, and a new music album that dropped in December.
As an instructor at the Clark Honors College, Hinkle loves the energy that comes from watching her students gain an understanding of chemistry.
Montana is known as the “Treasure State” for its abundance of natural minerals and diverse wildlife. But when Catalina de Onís thinks back to her childhood in the Rocky Mountains, the opposite comes to mind. “It was very obvious growing up that environmental injustices were all around me,” says Onís, who recently joined the Clark Honors College as a professor in environmental studies and Latinx culture.