Cassidy Kenney


Video transcription (brief): "This is a whale sculpture made of some pieces of rusty metal, antler – various things are welded together. As I reflected on the course, I realized how significant the whale form has been – in culture, in literature, and in science. I wanted to pay homage to the shape of the whale, and I was inspired by the whale in Moby Dick.

The spine is made of a lever of old water pump, the ribs are made of antlers, the piece on the bottom is a pickaxe head, and the fluke is the seat of a tricycle from the 20-30s. The head is made of a headlight from a Ford truck from the 30s. The cylinder piece connecting the head to the spine is a drainpipe. The fins are made of door hinges I tore off an old door, and there are horseshoes holding the sculpture up.

I think the whale has a pretty natural look generally, and my hope is to hang it so that the movement of the wind gives the sense that the whale is moving in the air."

This piece was created for Lisa Munger's 441 colloquium course called The Mystique of Marine Mammals in History, Science, and Culture.