Faculty in Residence: Call for Applications

The Robert D. Clark Honors College (CHC) is accepting applications from faculty across campus to become  Faculty-in-Residence beginning in the Fall 2021 or Winter 2022. The CHC welcomed the first cohort of faculty-in-residence in 2018-19. We invite applications to join a core faculty of accomplished scholars and teachers in newly renovated Chapman Hall.

The goal of the Faculty-in-Residence (or FiR) program is to attract highly motivated and skilled TTF researchers and teachers to join a college whose small class sizes and innovative curriculum lend themselves to experiments in pedagogy and curricula. FiRs will work together for extended periods of time to create a twenty-first century liberal arts experience to serve students from all schools and colleges. Applications are due December 4, 2020.

About CHC's Structure

The CHC directly enrolls incoming first-year students, and is expanding admissions of existing UO students (lateral transfers). The college’s curriculum provides a four-year track that replaces standard UO core education requirements for undergraduates. Honors college classes are discussion based, with small groups of 15-19 highly motivated students with strong academic skills.

Students come from every undergraduate major across campus, and classes encourage interdisciplinarity while cultivating critical and creative thinking, writing, reading, and discussion skills. It incorporates 200-level and 400-level disciplinary courses alongside interdisciplinary first-year seminars and 300-level research courses. Attention to issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion—in course design and/or content—is a priority.   

Every honors college student must undertake an original research project and defend their findings to a faculty committee in the form of a senior thesis. The thesis embodies the defining characteristics of a CHC education: mental discipline; independence of mind and judgment; capacity to design and execute a complex project; skills of analysis, synthesis, and clear writing. The thesis is also the culmination of work in the student's major—a natural outgrowth and expression of the ideas, problems, and approaches taught in that discipline. Students work closely with a faculty mentor to present their topic in a clear and effective manner that is accessible to a diverse and non-specialist audience.

CHC Faculty Responsibilities 

Faculty-in-Residence are expected to devote more than half of their teaching and service to the CHC. Members of the CHC Core Faculty, Faculty-in-Residence teach and advise CHC students, serve on CHC faculty committees, and contribute to the CHC community. The precise allocation of teaching and service to the CHC will be arranged via a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), typically for four or eight years, between the faculty member, the Office of the Provost, and the faculty member’s unit. New Faculty-in-Residence may start in Fall 2021 or Winter 2022. 

How to Apply

The CHC seeks tenured, tenure-track, and career faculty (priority will be given to tenured and tenure-track faculty)—from across campus to apply to become Faculty-in-Residence. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in teaching, defined by the Provost’s Teaching Engagement Program (TEP) as inclusive, engaged, and research-led. We encourage applications from all faculty who will contribute to our diverse and inclusive workplace. We are particularly interested in applications from disciplines not currently represented among CHC core faculty.

Applications should send the following as a single combined PDF file to: chcdeansoffice@uoregon.edu

  • Academic CV 
  • 2-page letter of interest highlighting evidence of teaching excellence and high-impact engagement with students (such as engagement in student research activities, teaching FIG courses, leading study abroad courses, advising/mentoring, etc.) 
  • 2 peer reviews of your teaching, if available

The deadline for applications is Friday, December 4, 2020.

For more information please contact Interim Dean Carol Stabile, at cstabile@uoregon.edu or Associate Dean for Faculty Liska Chan, at chan@uoregon.edu.