James Schombert

James Schombert

Professor of Physics

jschombe@uoregon.edu | 541-346-5214 | 461 Willamette Hall


ACADEMIC AREAS: Observational Cosmology

Teaching Philosophy

The goal of my courses is to provide honors college students with an overview of the current state of modern physics and astronomy. The most active fields at the start of the 21st century are quantum physics and cosmology. However, my courses are not designed to turn you into an active researcher, but rather expose you to the concepts and terminology, at a high enough level, to pursue your own questions or recognize issues in the media. There is no requirement of advanced math or science other than what was taught in your high school.

Past Courses

HC 207H 21st Century Science

HC 441H The History of Space Flight

HC 441H Cosmology

Academic Background

Ph.D., Astronomy, Yale, 1984
B.S., Astronomy, University of Maryland, 1979

Research Interests & Current Projects

Professor Schombert is an observational astronomer whose research focuses on galaxy evolution and formation, as well as topics in cosmology. His recent papers have involved the star formation history of low surface brightness galaxies, the structure of ellipticals, and the baryonic and dark matter content of galaxies.