HC441H - Neuroethics (Spring/2024)

Professor: Nicole Dudukovic

4.00 credits

  • CRN 36003: Tuesday & Thursday, 2:00-3:20pm @ CHA 301

Over the past few decades, technological advances in human neuroscience research have progressed our understanding of the human brain.  At the same time, these advances have highlighted the potential implications and applications of neuroscience research for society and have raised many ethical questions.  In this course, we will explore the emerging field of neuroethics, focusing on the role of neuroscience in society and emphasizing the ethical, legal, and social implications of neuroscience research.  We will examine how research on the human brain can be applied (and sometimes misapplied) in fields such as law, medicine, education, and business.  This course will emphasize recent debates in neuroethics as well as the advances in methodology that have informed these debates.  As we investigate the science behind these debates, explore the ethical questions they raise, and consider the potential policy implications, you will sharpen your critical thinking and analysis skills.  In considering topics such as neuroimaging evidence in the courtroom, cognitive-enhancing drugs, memory modification, preclinical diagnoses of dementia, detecting consciousness in comatose patients, and the impact of sports-related concussions, you will develop a broader perspective of how human neuroscience research may inform policy within legal, medical, and educational settings.