HC434H/431H - Displacement and Health (Spring/2024)

Professor: Yalda Asmatey

4.00 credits

  • CRN 36007: Tuesday & Thursday, 10:00-11:20am @ CHA 202

Armed conflicts, occupation, genocide, climate disasters, and discriminatory state policies force millions of people every year to flee from violence, death, and persecution in their home countries. In this course, we draw on case studies from around the world to examine the underlying causes and consequences of displacement, as well as the structural inequalities that exacerbate these realities on the ground. The course will analyze the lived experiences of refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced persons, and stateless groups from around the world to examine the collective and individual health experiences and outcomes related to violence and trauma.  Drawing on academic literature and documentaries, we will situate these communities within the current socio-political conversations on indigenous displacement, colonial legacy, gender violence, racism, public health emergencies and environmental disasters.

Graduation Requirement: This class will fulfill Social Science colloquium and Global Perspectives requirements. If Social Science has already been fulfilled, course will meet both elective colloquium and Global Perspectives requirements.