Affiliated Faculty

Affiliated faculty are award-winning teachers and researchers from across the University of Oregon, who apply to teach courses designed specifically for the honors college. These experts bring a breadth of interests and topics to their courses, and provide invaluable learning and mentorship experiences for CHC students. Information on affiliated faculty office hours can be found on your course canvas page or by emailing the professor.


Shabnam Akhtari

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 541-346-8406
Office: 320 Fenton Hall

Rebecca Altman

Pro Tem Instructor
Office: 208 Chapman Hall

Akwasi B. Assensoh

Courtesy Professor
African Studies, History
Phone: (541) 346-4802
Office: 275 McKenzie Hall

Monique Balbuena

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature Department
Phone: 541-346-2311
Office: 313A Villard Hall
Research Interests: Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies, Sephardic Languages, Ladino, Poetry, French and Francophone Literatures, Latin American Studies

Louise Bishop

Associate Professor Emeritus of Literature
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-0733
Office: 212 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: Medieval Literature, especially Middle English literature; Medievalism

Elizabeth Budd

Evergreen Assistant Professor
College of Education, Family and Human Services, Food Studies, Prevention Science
Phone: 541-346-2173
Office: 357 HEDCO Education Bldg
Research Interests: public health, health promotion, health equity, health disparities, youth/adolescents, Latinx, physical activity, healthy eating, chronic disease prevention, built environment, policy, neighborhoods, schools

Ulrick Casimir

Career Instructor
Digital Humanities, English Department
Phone: 541-346-3977
Office: 223 PLC

Jeffrey Cina

Theoretical Physical Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry, OMQ, Physics Department
Phone: 541-346-4617
Office: 146 Klamath Hall

Suzanne Clark

Professor Emerita
English Department

Hannah Cutting-Jones

Professor pro tempore
Food Studies, History
Office: 315 McKenzie Hall

Brent Dawson

Assistant Professor
English Department
Phone: 541-346-3962
Office: 473 PLC
Research Interests: Drama and Performance Studies, Renaissance/Early Modern Literary Studies

Victoria DeRose

Department Head
Professor, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 541-346-3568
Office: 355A Klamath Hall

Kenneth Doxsee

Organic, Organometallic, Solid-State, & Analytical Chemistry
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Phone: 541-346-4628
Office: 413 Lewis Integrative Science Bldg

L. Zachary DuBois

Assistant Professor
Phone: 541-346-5110
Office: 356 Condon Hall

Stephen Fickas

Professor Emeritus
College Scholars, Computer and Information Science, Computer Science, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-3964
Office: 309 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Data Science, Machine Learning in production, Interdisciplinary applications, Urban Planning, Environmental Science

Joseph Fracchia

Professor Emeritus of History
Clark Honors College, History
Phone: 541-346-2516
Office: 306 Chapman Hall
Research Interests: German Social and Intellectual History, Historical Theory, Philosophy of History, History of Philosophy

David Frank

Professor of Rhetoric
Clark Honors College
Phone: 541-346-4198
Office: 210 Chapman Hall

Melissa Graboyes

Associate Professor
Director of African Studies
General Science
Phone: 541-346-2829
Office: 369 McKenzie Hall

Gantt Gurley

Associate Professor
Program Director, Harold Schnitzer Family Program in Judaic Studies, Advisor
German & Scandinavian, Judaic Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-4055
Office: 319 Friendly Hall
Research Interests: Ancient and medieval song culture, the birth of the novel, the Wandering Jew, Long Romanticism, Old Norse literature, the lyrical mode, Hans Christian Andersen, and notions of religiosity in the Danish Golden Age.

Tobin Hansen

Pro Tem Instructor

Kevin D. Hatfield

Director of Academic, Residential, and Research Initiatives;
University Housing
Phone: 541-346-1977
Office: Living Learning Center

Derrick Hindery, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Global Studies
UO Study Abroad Programs Committee Member; Provost’s Teaching Academy Member
Global Studies
Phone: 541-346-6106
Office: 345 PLC
Research Interests: Neoliberal and "post-neoliberal" models of economic "development" on communities and environment in Latin America and the U.S. Sustainable community projects in Indigenous territories in Bolivia (e.g. collectives producing medicinal oils and handicrafts)

Leigh Johnson

Assistant Professor
African Studies, Climate Studies, Geography
Phone: 541-346-2644
Office: 151 Condon Hall
Research Interests: Disasters, climate change and environmental risk, political ecology, finance, development studies, East Africa

Leif Karlstrom

Associate Professor of Earth Sciences
Earth Sciences, Physics Department
Phone: 541-346-4323
Office: 120A Cascade Hall
Research Interests: volcanology, surface processes, fluid mechanics

Christina Karns

Research Assistant Professor
Career Instructor
Psychology Department, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-0595
Office: Rainier Building, CBIRT, Suite 220

Shoshana Kerewsky

Senior Lecturer II
FHS Senior Lecturer
Phone: 541-346-2429
Office: 359 Hedco Education Bldg

Martin Klebes

Associate Professor
German & Scandinavian
Phone: 541-346-2818
Office: 205 Friendly Hall
Research Interests: 18th- through 21st-century German and French literature, philosophy and critical thought.

David Levin

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-5621
Office: 310 Fenton Hall

Susanna Lim

Associate Professor of Literature, Russian Studies, and Korean Studies
Director of REEES Graduate Studies
Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-0691
Office: 1715 Franklin Blvd., Rm 101

Deanna Linville

Research Associate Professor
College of Education
Office: 1600 Millrace Dr., Ste 307

Joseph Lowndes

Professor, Political Science
IRES, Political Science
Phone: 541-346-1478
Office: 919 PLC
Research Interests: American Political Development, Populism, Racial Politics, Conservatism, Political Culture

Caroline Lundquist

Pro Tem Instructor of Philosophy & Research Associate/Associate Director CGOEP
Philosophy Department
Office: 310 Chapman Hall

Farhad Malekafzali

Instructor of Marketing, Lundquist College of Business
Lundquist College of Business, Management
Phone: 541-346-4772

Galen Martin

Senior Instructor II of Global and Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies, Food Studies, Global Studies, Latin American Studies, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-9178
Office: 346 PLC
Research Interests: global food security, sustainable development, political ecology, conflict resolution, Latin America, Europe

Allison McGuffie

Career Instructor
African Studies, Cinema Studies Program, Digital Humanities, English Department
Phone: 541-346-3965
Office: 329 PLC

Leslie McLees

Senior Instructor
Undergraduate Coordinator & Advisor
Geography, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-5709
Office: 107C Condon Hall
Research Interests: Postcolonial Urban Geography, Urban Agriculture, East Africa

Ben McMorran

Associate Professor
OMQ, Physics Department, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-8624
Office: 174 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: free electron physics and interferometry, matter wave optics, electron microscopy, magnetic materials

Ian F. McNeely

Professor of History
Clark Honors College, European Studies, German & Scandinavian, History, OCIAS
Phone: 541-346-4791
Office: 319 McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: German history, European history, world history, history of knowledge

David Meek

Assistant Professor
Asian Studies, Food Studies, Global Studies
Phone: 541-346-5128
Office: Virtual
Research Interests: Political ecology, social movements, popular education, food sovereignty

Erica Mongé-Greer

Judaic Studies Program
Phone: 541-346-5288
Office: 311 Susan Campbell Hall

Michael Najjar

Associate Professor, Theater Arts
IRES, Theatre Arts
Phone: 541-346-2237
Office: 209 Villard Hall
Research Interests: Contemporary Arab-American Theatre and Performance, Contemporary Theatre, Ethnic Studies, Critical Race Theory, Arab-American Studies.

Bryce Newell

Assistant Professor of Media Law and Policy
SOJC, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad
Phone: 541-346-3843
Office: 330 Allen Hall
Research Interests: Surveillance; Privacy; Law, Technology, and Society; Informartion Ethics and Politics; Social Informatics/Information Studies, Cybercrime, Policing, Immigration

Julianne Newton

Director, Communication and Media Studies M.A. and Ph.D. Program
SOJC, SOJC-Journalism, SOJC-Media Studies Master's, SOJC-Media Studies PhD, SOJC-Media Studies Undergrad
Phone: 541-346-2167
Office: 206 Allen Hall
Research Interests: visual ethics, journalism, visual journalism, visual behavior, cognitive theory

Marilyn Nippold

Communication Disorders and Sciences
Phone: 541-346-2587
Office: 275 HEDCO Education Bldg

Brendan O'Kelly

Senior Instructor
Comics and Cartoon Studies, Digital Humanities, English Department
Phone: 541-346-5935
Office: 206 PLC
Research Interests: 20th/21st Century American, British, and Irish Fiction; Critical and Visual Theory; Film Studies; Comics Studies; Digital Humanities

Edward M. Olivos

Associate Professor
Critical and Sociocultural Studies in Education, Curriculum & Teaching, Curriculum and Teacher Education, Educational Foundations, IRES, Latinx
Phone: 541-346-2983
Research Interests: The Relationship Between Bicultural Parents and Schools, the Development of Bilingual Educators

CJ Pascoe

Associate Professor and David M. and Nancy L. Petrone Faculty Scholar
Phone: 541-346-1384
Office: 720 PLC
Research Interests: Gender and Sexuality, Inequalities and Stratification, Social Psychology and Interaction, Qualitative Approaches

Carol Paty

Associate Dean for Faculty, Clark Honors College
Clark Honors College, Earth Sciences, Physics Department
Phone: 541-346-4786
Office: 120 Volcanology
Research Interests: Planetary Science, Space Physics, Planetary Interiors, Astrobiology

Doris Payne

Professor Emerita
African Studies, Arabic Studies, Linguistics
Phone: 541-346-3894
Office: 271 Straub Hall

Eric Pederson

Associate Professor, Retired
Phone: 541-346-3900
Office: 375 Straub Hall
Research Interests: Semantic typology, gesture, psycholinguistics, Dravidian linguistics

Lesley-Anne Pittard

Assist VP Campus & Community Engagement
Asst Vice Prov Diversity Inits
Phone: 541-346-9355
Office: 401C Tykeson Hall

Tobias Policha

Biology Department
Phone: 541-346-4502
Office: 73 Klamath Hall

Matthew Polizzotto

Associate Professor
Earth Sciences
Phone: 541-346-5217
Office: 225C Cascade Hall
Research Interests: Soil and aqueous geochemistry, environmental quality

Judith Raiskin

Associate Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Disability Studies, Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies
Research Interests: Post-colonial literature and cultural studies focusing on gender and comparative feminist theory; Caribbean; Disability Studies; LGBTQ studies; and sexuality.

Eleonora Redaelli

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-2298
Office: 102 Hendricks Hall
Research Interests: Cultural Policy, Creative Placemaking, Theories of Place, Participation, American Cities, Arts Management

Rachel Rodman

ProTem Instructor
Office: 310 Chapman Hall

Camisha Russell

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Disability Studies, Philosophy Department
Office: 233 Susan Campbell Hall
Research Interests: Critical Philosophy of Race, Ethics (esp. Bioethics), African American Philosophy, Feminist Theory

James Schombert

College Scholars, Institute for Fundamental Science, Physics Department
Phone: 541-346-5214
Office: 461 Willamette Hall
Research Interests: observational cosmology, dark matter, galaxy evolution

Rebecca Schuman

Pro Tem Instructor
German & Scandinavian
Office: 107C Friendly Hall

Steven Shankman

Professor Emeritus
UNESCO Chair in Transcultural Studies, Interreligious Dialogue, and Peace
Comparative Literature Department, English Department, Judaic Studies Program, Philosophy Department, Russian East European and Eurasian Studies
Phone: 541-346-3997
Office: 373 PLC
Research Interests: Comparative literature, the classical tradition in English and American literature, the eighteenth century, and the history of literary theory

Jim Shephard

Courtesy Professor of Law
Office: Honors College Operations

Joe Sventek

Computer and Information Science, Computer Science, Data Science
Phone: 541-346-3473
Office: 333 Deschutes Hall
Research Interests: Complex Event Processing, Internet of Things

Tze-Yin Teo

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature Department, Translation Studies
Office: 306 Villard
Research Interests: Translation studies, modernism in transpacific and transnational frames, global Asia, global Anglophone literature, experimentalism, environmental humanities, literary and critical theory

Larry Ulibarri

Phone: 541-346-8188
Office: 373 Condon Hall

Glen Waddell

Economics, Lundquist College of Business, SAIL
Phone: 541-346-1259
Office: 533 PLC
Research Interests: labor, education, health, industrial organization

Zach Wallmark

Associate Professor of Musicology
Affiliated Faculty, Center for Translational Neuroscience
Center for Translational Neuroscience, Music
Phone: 541-346-3761
Office: 210 Frohnmayer Music Bldg
Research Interests: Musicology and Ethnomusicology

Timothy Williams

Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-8798
Office: 367 McKenzie Hall
Research Interests: 19th Century U.S. history, the Civil War and Reconstruction, intellectual and cultural history, book history, gender, education, prisons and prisoners.