Faculty Awards and Accomplishments, 2018-2019


Monique Balbuena

Monique Balbuena, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Jewish Studies

Faculty Seminar: Selected to attend the Curt C. and Elise Silberman Seminar for Faculty on “Displacement, Migration, and the Holocaust” in the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC.
Faculty Seminar: Selected to attend the Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization at the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. 

Dare Baldwin

Dare Baldwin, Professor of Psychology

Grant: Co-Principal Investigator, “12-month RCT follow-up of neuro-cognitive outcomes in relation to perinatal thiamine-fortified salt supplementation,” New York Academy of Sciences/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, $200,000 (co-PIs: Dr. Gilles Bergeron, Dr. Jeffery Measelle, Dr. Kyly Whitfield), 2019
Grant: Co-Principal Investigator, “Securing 2018 Anchorage Earthquake CCTV Footage for Coordinated Analysis of Human Behavior, Location Characteristics, and Strong Motion Sensor Data,” United States Geological Survey IPA, $58,534, (co-PI Dr. Sara McBride), 2019
Grant: Co-Principal Investigator, New York Academy of Sciences/Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, “Perinatal thiamine-fortified salt: an exploration of fortification efficacy, status biomarkers, and neuro-cognitive development” (co-PIs: Dr. Gilles Bergeron, Dr. Jeffery Measelle, Dr. Kyly Whitfield), $1,514,964; UO Sub-Award $200,000, 2018-2020
Publication:  (accepted subject to minor revision).  Thiamine dose response in human milk with supplementation among lactating women in Cambodia: study protocol for a double-blind, four-parallel arm randomized controlled trial. British Medical Journal: Open. 2019.
Publication: Attentional profiles linked to event segmentation are robust to missing information. Cognitive Research: Principles & Implications, Special Issue on Attention in Natural and Mediated Realities, 4:8. 2018,
Publication: Attention rapidly reorganizes to structure in a novel activity sequence.  Cognition, 182, 31–44. DOI: 10.1016/j.cognition.2018.09.004.
Publication: Attention reorganizes as structure is detected in dynamic action. Memory & Cognition, 1-16. DOI: 10.3758/s13421-018-0847-z. 2018.
Publication: Intersubjectivity and joint attention. The encyclopedia of anthropology. Volume VII, 3405-3414, Wiley & Sons. DOI: 10.1002/9781118924396.wbiea1810. 2018
Publication: Tuning to the task at hand: Processing goals shape adults' attention to unfolding activity. Proceedings of the 40th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. 2018. 

Mark Carey

Mark Carey, Professor of History and Environmental Studies

Award: King Albert I Memorial; Pontresina, Eastern Swiss Alps, in September 2018.
Award: Faculty Research Mentor Award from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Engagement (CURE).
Award: Williams Council Instructional award for research in Greenland, “Arctic Icebergs,” summer, 2019. 

David Frank

David Frank, Professor of Rhetoric

Award: One of three Mellon Faculty Fellow awards to support his work on “Reconsidering James Blue’s 1963 documentary The March,” as part of the Museum and Library Research Collaboration, funded by a $300,000 Mellon Grant. (June 11, 2018)

Daphne Gallagher

Daphne Gallagher, Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Clark Honors College Faculty-in-Residence 

Award: 2019-2020 Mellon Faculty Fellows
“Collections Cultures: Exploring Curation and Access at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and the UO Libraries Special Collections and University Archives” 
Feature story: “The Black Death may have transformed medieval societies in sub-Saharan Africa,” March 6, 2019 https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/03/black-death-may-have-transformed...

Melissa Graboyes

Melissa Graboyes, Assistant Professor of African & Medical History

Award: National Science Foundation (NSF) award made to University of Oregon Eugene with an intended total amount of $411,171.00 for project "CAREER: A Case Study of Malaria Elimination Efforts with Relation to Vernacular Knowledge, Expertise, and Ethics."
Publication: Editor; Africa Every Day: Fun, Leisure, and Expressive Culture on the Continent (Ohio RIS Africa Series) Paperback – November 12, 2019; Ohio University Press
Achievement: Promoted to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure

Rebecca Lindner

Rebecca Lindner, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies & Professor of Practice in Literature

Curriculum: $400,000 grant from the Calderwood Charitable Foundation for the implementation of the Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing, 2019-2022.

Barbara Mossberg

Barbara Mossberg, Professor of Practice in Literature

Achievement: Elected President of the Emily Dickinson International Society.
Achievement: Named a Fulbright Ambassador, asked to submit a statement to be read to Congress, which will be part of the record. 
Achievement: Named California Poet Laureate. 
Publication: Here for the Present, poetry and essays from her experience of being a "Poet in Residence" for the City of Pacific Grove, including essays from her experience at the Andrews Experimental Forest in OSU's Spring Creek Project of environmental humanities will be published. 
Publication: "When I Die You Don't Have to Divert the River for Me," is a finalist award winner and will be published in New Millennium Writing. 
Conferences: Presented a paper and presiding at the MLA Session on Translation. 
Conferences: Presented to the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching, Strategies for Transformational Learning: Meta Journal Prompts and Impromptus.
Publication: Reviewed a Dickinson manuscript for Liturgical Press: Mystical Prayer: The Poetic Example of Emily Dickinson. 

Gabe Paquette

Gabriel Paquette, Dean of Clark Honors College

Publication: The European Seaborne Empires: From the Thirty Years' War to the Age of Revolutions, Yale University Press (May 28, 2019)
Curriculum: $400,000 grant from the Calderwood Charitable Foundation for the implementation of the Calderwood Seminars in Public Writing, 2019-2022.

Roxann Prazniak

Roxann Prazniak, Professor of History

Publication: Dialogues Across Civilizations: Sketches In World History From The Chinese And European Experiences (Essays in World History) May 4, 2018; Routledge.
Publication: Sudden Appearances: The Mongol Turn in Commerce, Belief, and Art, University of Hawaii Press; June, 2019

Daniel Rosenberg

Dan Rosenberg, Professor of History

Award: American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship Program, 2018

Casey Shoop

Casey Shoop, Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow in Literature

Award: Williams Council Instructional award for research in Greenland, “Arctic Icebergs,” summer, 2019.
Publication: "Angela Davis, the L.A. Rebellion, and the Undercommons,"  Post45, Yale University. L.A. Rev. 2/2019.
Publication: "The California Occult: Nathanael West, Theodor Adorno, and the Representation of Mass Cultural Desire," Modernism/modernity. Johns Hopkins University Press,Volume 25, Number 2, April 2018; pp. 303-326.





Tim Williams

Tim Williams, Assistant Professor of History

Publication: Prison Pens: Gender, Memory, and Imprisonment in the Writings of Mollie Scollay and Wash Nelson, 1863–1866 (New Perspectives on the Civil War Era Ser.) University of Georgia Press (February 1, 2018).

Louise Bishop

Louise Bishop, Associate Professor Emerita of Literature

Presentation: "Post-colonial Middle English: the case of Geoffrey Chaucer," Thrice-told Tales: Reconfiguring the Canon, All Saints College, Kerala, India, 10-11December 2018.
Presentation: "Why Read the Classics? Revisiting Italo Calvino - An American Perspective," Literature, Culture and Communication: Revisiting the Classics, St Xavier's College, Kerala, India, 7 December 2018.
Scholarship:  Louise Bishop Study Abroad Fund. Donor Doug Ragen recently established the Louise Bishop Study Abroad Fund to support CHC students who travel internationally for their studies. 6/2019.
Citation: Entry in Chaucer Encyclopedia for "John Stow" (sixteenth-century publisher of Chaucer).

Welcome Back to Chapman

Chapman Hall

Received one of the 2018 DeMuro Awards for historic renovation and preservation from Restore Oregon, the first such award made for any historic renovation and preservation effort at the University of Oregon.