Fall 2018 HC 199H: Skateboard Culture and Popular Culture

Fall Term, 2018-2019

CHIP Student Leaders: Aodan Reddy & Nick Mau

Faculty Advisor: Ocean Howell

1 credit

CRN 12789: Tuesday, 18:00 – 18:50 @ GSH 131

This CHIP will explore the origins of surf and skate culture and why it is such a phenomenon. By looking at fashion, location, style, competition, music, and more, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of one of America’s greatest counterculture movements. Our exploration will lead us into areas such as the concept of white masculinity, the relationship between skating and architecture, diversity representation, and more. We will discuss leading contemporary skaters, participate in activities around the Eugene area, watch films such as Dogtown, and join in discussions with guest lecturers. This CHIP will develop our understanding of the impact of skating culture on fashion, music, and popular culture.