Fall 2019 HC 209H/PHYS 199: Science as Discovery

Fall 2019-2020

Professor: Greg Bothun

4.00 credits

  • CRN 16499: Monday & Wednesday, 16:00 – 17:50 @ B040 PSC

This course will fulfill HC 209H Science and is open to Clark Honors College students only.

Science is a discovery process that is largely driven by measurements, observations and guessing.   The class will be high in activity-based learning as the goal is for students to duplicate the scientific process via various forms of relevant measurement.   The course is structured historically so the interplay between science and culture is always at the forefront of what we can learn in various historical periods.   At any time in history, science (via observation, measurement and experiments) can and cannot say various things about the natural world and this science can be either accepted or rejected by culture at the time.   Throughout the course it will be emphasized that the science literacy of culture is based on ideas that are consistent with data as opposed to the arbitrary ideas that can often define the cultural truth.