HC 101H: Top Visions of Conflict

Professor: Michael Moffitt

4.00 credits

• CRN 16603: Monday & Wednesday, 0815 - 0945 @ ALL 101

• CRN 16611: Monday & Wednesday, 1215 1345 @ ALL 101

This class examines visions of human conflict. We will engage a range of intellectual lenses to understand the breadth of efforts to describe conflicts in a wide range of settings - - wars between nations, clashes between roommates, disagreements over public resources and policies, or differences within families or organizations, for example. How have people used art and literature to make sense of the conflicts they see? What tools have social scientists used to measure and categorize conflicts in various contexts? What light might the natural sciences shed on the human experience of conflict? How do the professions anticipate and account for the prospect of conflict? What is this thing, and what value might different lenses offer as we seek to understand it better? This course will emphasize the development of research and writing skills in the liberal arts. Conflict will serve as the springboard for our discussions as we consider how to take an interdisciplinary, scholarly, liberal arts approach to studying big ideas and solving problems.