Fall 2018 HC 199H: Sports and Activism

Fall Term, 2018-2019

CHIP Student Leader: Quinn Van Horne

Faculty Advisor: Daphne Gallagher

1 credit

CRN 12780: Monday, 18:00 – 18:50 @ GSH 130

In this CHIP, we will explore the relationship of sports and global politics through the lens of athlete activism. We will address a variety of perspectives about athletic activism in the United States and abroad. We will look at instances in which sports were used to demonstrate a political agenda and consider their social, political and cultural impact. Our discussions will draw on articles from sports publications and other media sources, and by the end of the term, students will have a better understanding of the history of activism, sports and social justice movements across the globe. This CHIP will also help introduce students to the Clark Honors College community and help them navigate campus resources, events, clubs, important registration details, and other useful information to guide them and to connect with the University of Oregon family.